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🧆When is Buffet Day 2020

Every holiday party has a common tradition of celebrating. Hosts usually prepare a big festive table which is full of different dishes. Guests eat and praise a host for the treat. But there’s one holiday in the calendar which is devoted to festive dinner itself. People celebrate the holiday after the New Year’s Eve when everybody is fed up. Nevertheless, every year nations spend the whole day eating the best meals. When is National Buffet Day in 2020? How can everybody meet the day?


The day seems to be a joke especially after Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day when almost every person in the world eat and drink with his relatives and friends. Nevertheless, the reason is so great that the majority of individuals continue their vacations with a festive table.

The history of the day is very arguing. It’s not known exactly what the reason of such a holiday was. One of the numerous opinions concerns the need to eat all festive reserves of meal. Another concept proposes the idea that relatives and friends who haven’t met during Christmas vacations need to meet each other.


This variant itself appeared in Sweden in the 16th century. That new tradition wasn’t like a familiar table filled with dishes. A new kind of meal was to gather friends for a talk. A host proposed a pre-dinner drink. The first variant is said to be schnapps.

The treatment of the 16th century had two parts. It was proposed for women and men separately in different rooms. The Sweden society used this kind of treatment for many centuries. In the 20th century this variant became very famous throughout the world. People got the information about it in 1939. A fair exhibition was held in New York. The variant of treatment was called “smorgasbord”.

The Sweden participants used this variant for serving their best dishes. They had to make a presentation to many men and women. The new variant was so interesting to their visitors that many nations took it for their holidays. From that time the word “buffet” has also become very popular. The original name of the variant of serving food was very difficult for the everyday use. The term “smorgasbord” hasn’t become popular in the world culture.

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Nowadays nations all over the world use this way of serving dishes during their holidays. There’s no matter what the holiday is. Nevertheless, there is one day in the calendar when the best way to serve dishes is the buffet. “What day Buffet Day in 2020?” It’s on the 2nd of January.


What does Buffet Day mean for the majority of people? According to the accepted festive tradition people lay big and rich tables with lots of tasty dishes. The tradition to treat guests is a common tradition for every nation. Such big tables aren’t very convenient when the amount of guests is very huge. They can’t move freely. They don’t feel any calmness while sitting at such a table. People can’t talk to every person they want. They can’t see as much as they want. Sometimes such tables give a great problem to their hosts. The reason is a certain difficulty in serving them.

This kind became a real help for people who don’t want to lay a great table. They can prepare their best meals and propose them to their guests in this variant. Every person can choose any dish he likes and go everywhere he wants. Besides, the buffet is a great way to communicate with friends.

Buffets are widely used in restaurants during different presentations. The organizers of exhibitions widely use this kind of serving food for banquets after exhibitions. This way is a great chance to save time.

The day is a suitable moment to try a new kind of making a party. People can make a festive dinner for their colleagues and friends who may eat any dish and communicate with all guests. This way of treating people lets everybody leave the party at any moment. There is no need to attract attention of any person who is at the festive table. When is International Buffet Day 2020? It’s on the 2nd of January.

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The word has got a French origin. People used it to describe a special kind of a sideboard wardrobe. It was used for serving food. This furniture was used in France. Later it became famous in other countries. The term was taken in the 40s of the 20th century when the new kind of food display was proposed to the public. It was a substitution of the Sweden variant “smorgasbord”.

Lots of dictionaries propose the same explanation of the term. It’s the way when meals are put on the table. People take the treatment by themselves without any assistance. The variant of serving meals is very popular. It is used in restaurants and hotels.

A subtype of a buffet is an all-you-can-eat variant. It is very popular at the international resorts. This kind is also used in cafeteria. It is usually sold for a set price and includes dozens of dishes of different types.

Another subtype is cold buffet. This type of treatment doesn’t include hot dishes. Utensils and dishware are needed for hot and cold types. Some restaurants propose small pieces and slices of food when people can take them by hand. It’s a so-called finger buffet.

This way of treatment is used for many people at once. Institutional settings propose this treatment to their visitors. What is the date of Buffet Day 2020? It’s on January, 2.

Big buffet


The day may be celebrated according to every person’s preferences. One of the most famous ways to observe the date is to make a party where the food would be served in such a way. Your guests will be very pleased with all the dishes. Besides, the party may last long. This fact will help people to try as many dishes as they like. The first Sweden variant was connected with alcohol. So, why not make an alcohol buffet? It’s a great idea to make a cocktail party.

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Visitors of the USA are to go to Nevada. The carnival is held in Las Vegas. It is devoted to the buffet. There’re almost 400 dishes. People make pies and pastries at their homes and later sell them at the Carnival. People can taste any kind of food for only $24. The proposition lasts for the whole day.

Another carnival proposes seafood. People can find fresh shrimp, lobsters, sushi and other kinds of seafood there. Sautéed pasta, herb-roasted poultry and Asian fare are proposed at Lago Buffet. The quantity of food is enormous.

“When is Buffet Day in 2020, calendar of events?” It’s on the 2nd of January.

National Buffet Day Facts

  • In Sweden in the 17th century appeared a new kind of food treatment. People used to give treatment to women and men separately.
  • The first presentation of this way to the European people was happened in the 18th The French tried buffet at their parties. The idea was so great that other European countries took it for granted.
  • The firstall-you-can-eat buffet was proposed by H. MacDonald in 1946. He used it in the hotel where he had a vacation of a manager.
  • Las Vegas casinos have been widely using their variations since 1960. The price was $1,5.
  • The US casinos and hotels continue serving buffets throughout the country.

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