When is World Amateur Radio Day in 2020? Do you know this? Well, to be honest with you we are almost sure that you are planning to give the negative reply to the question set by us. All in all, there are no any serious reasons for being worried about it. In fact, your answer means that you just belong to the most typical category of contemporary men and women. In general, as the practice shows, this holiday is known quite well only among the representatives of some definite circles.


The matter what day National Amateur Radio Day in 2020 is needs the representation of some clarifications and explanations. As a rule, all the matters concerning the historical associations are of great demand.

Up to the present moment, on April 18th more than 150 countries in the world celebrate this holiday annually.

The choice of the date of the holiday is connected with the fact that on this day in 1925 the so-called International Amateur Radio Union was started in Paris. It was the organization, which became the unifying connection of all broadcasting amateurs of the world, as well as the establishment that protected and introduced the interests of the followers of this leisure activity, who are real fans of different kinds of communication technologies. Thanks to all these people modern technologies have been widely striding forward, allowing civilizations to develop rapidly.

Amateur Radio

In recent years, digital communications have been developing incredibly fast. After the end of the Second World War and until the first half of the 1980s, radioteletype, also known as RTTY, was the only HF digital mode, which is fully available to typical people without specialized education. In the second half of the 1980s, along with the introduction and growing popularity of personal electronic gadgets, the first simple and private digital communication mode debuted – AMTOR. With the help of AMTOR, it became possible to accurately (broadcasting) transmit texts.

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What does Amateur Radio Day mean? To be honest we donโ€™t know for sure whether you would like to be involved into this special occasion or not. All in all there are a lot of people, who are indifferent to this type of leisure activity that is why it is not a big surprise that they wonโ€™t celebrate.

In general it is not difficult to become broadcasting amateur. You can discover this direction even at home if you like. Nowadays there are a lot of specialized courses. However, after that the person should obtain a permission to work on home or international frequencies. By the way, the broadcasting amateur may have not one, but several radio stations, in accordance with the assigned category. Broadcasting stations are required to register with the Communications and Mass Communications Supervision Service.

Many corresponding engineers as well as electronics engineers, who became famous for their achievements and the latest communication technologies began their activities with such amateur societies. They brought a lot of benefit for the development of cellular communication, which we all actively use today.

Thanks to the activities of such circles and societies of corresponding amateurs, there have been appeared such inventions as adaptive antennas, radio and television receivers, and other technologies.



Investigating the matter โ€œWhen is International Amateur Radio Day 2020?โ€ we were surprised by some facts, discovered in the process of the direction investigation. Today we are going to share them with our curious readers and amazed followers.

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The matter is that the so-called broadcasting hooligans, who occasionally bought a required station, but do not want to formally join the Radio Amateur Association, and fans of soldering electronic homemade products, creating an original device from several discrete (separate) elements, and professional repairmen of radio television equipment, cell phones, also consider themselves corresponding specialists. However, it is not true, of course, as for this purpose you have to be qualified and to do everything in accordance with both international and home laws.

By some experts, the 21st century will truly be the century of radio amateurs, and the number of people in this hobby will thoroughly โ€œoverstepโ€ the current three-millionth milestone. It is also believed that the majority of corresponding technologies, which we, without thinking, use in everyday life, were first investigated by mentioned above amateurs. First of all, this refers to cell phones.

It is worth mentioning that many outstanding engineers and electronic specialists began their professional career in amateur mentioned above societies. Inventions and technologies that received a โ€œstart in lifeโ€ from the hands of radio amateurs have not lost their relevance even after many years. The reliable assistants of the modern times are radio and television receivers and transmitters, including two-way communications, adaptive antennas and other necessary technologies.


When is Amateur Radio Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any troubles, of course. The special occasion has a fixed date and all the fans prefer to celebrate it on April 18th annually.

Every year it is held under a certain slogan. These are mostly topics dedicated to expanding the world of corresponding communications, a combination of modern digital technologies, the development of radio communications, etc.


Up to the present moment even a school student is able to become a corresponding amateur. For this purpose it would be quite enough to read regularly some specialized periodicals and to repeat the schemes described in it. And this is not everything, of course. โ€“ Nowadays there are a great amount of different Internet sites as well as various forums in social networks, which are devoted to this direction. That is why many people are actively involved in communication. Some contemporary ladies and gentlemen use April 18th to get started.

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To our mind it would be a perfect idea to spend the day in an interesting way.

National Amateur Radio Day Facts

The question โ€œWhat is the date of World Amateur Radio Day in 2020?โ€ seems to be rather simple indeed. And the answer to it has been already given above. However, by our points of view, it needs the demonstration of some additional pieces of information.

Nowadays a great amount of contemporary Internet users want to have their own resource capable to broadcast all around the world. As a rule, the most convenient variant for this desire solution is to create it in the Internet.

It is nothing more but a page on the world wide web. Accordingly, such a leisure activity will be much cheaper than creating a real broadcast station.

There are some significant benefits of this type of broadcasting, represented not only by the accessibility as most people think.

In fact there are a number of other points:

  • Such a station is not necessarily registered as a mass medium;
  • Special equipment, of course, is needed, but not in such quantity as for broadcasting. An ordinary server and a set of programs;
  • You can create such a station much faster than an air station.

However, unfortunately, the minuses also present as well. The disadvantages include the fact that such a station must be specially โ€œpromotedโ€ by purely network methods, that is, to give links, to attract friends, while the on-air owners of any receivers are often caught by chance.


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