This day is a time for wittiest and most idiotic tricks. It also has the name St All-Fool’s Morn. So when is April Fools Day in 2022? The best day for pranks and jokes. People around the world celebrate it on April 1.

The most daring and incredible jokes around the world take place on this day. All people are Participants in the general mood, from the elderly to the children. Those who are younger, use a simple joke. And the child is joking or saying stupidity then scream for fun: “April Fool!”.

Television and the internet does not shy away from such a special day for entertainment. Often people who have a serious image the whole year, can afford the best jokes on this day. The truth about the joke or drawing sometimes does not reveal itself immediately, but the next day, and produces a sensation.

April Fools Day 2018

What is the history of thise holiday?

The first mention of the jokes in this day goes back to 1539. Then one Flemish nobleman gave his servants humorous errands. As a public occasion, April 1 was in place by 1686 or earlier. We can find this out this from the letters writen in those times. Since that period, the holiday gained popularity in all European countries. In ancient Germany, the custom was unknown and then it was brought from France.

  • Beginning of April is special in many cultures, historically. The ancient Celts celebrated the Day in connection with the beginning of spring, so the festival has emerged as a reaction to the volatility of the April weather. Jokes and pranks go back to Roman times. The ancient Romans and Celts celebrated the festival, enjoy, welcomed the new year, and joked during March equinox. Later during the Easterย celebrations (Easter took place on April 1, many times) there were some impressive religious theatrical performances.
  • Some timing explanations come about from changing the Julian to Gregorian calendar. The people celebrated the New Year during the March equinox, it was from ancient times in some parts of Europe. Old Calendar was very different and was more convenient, so people just abide by the old calendar.The people who complied with the old rules in the new order, were then the victims of embarrassing situations and jokes.
  • Of course this day is also associated with the ancient books of the Bible. There is a legend about the origin of the holiday thanks to Noah, who impatiently decided to look for the land before the water calmed down. A second theory says about Jesus that he was sent from Pilate to Herod on that date. Now it is a winged phrase on a fool’s errand.
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  • British folklore tells an interesting story, which can explain April Fool’s Day and. The events of the story took place in Nottinghamshire, the real Gotham city, in the 13th century. According to legend any place where the king’s foot stepped in the public domain came under the careful protection. Gotham residents heard about the law and about the news that the king was going through their town. They closed the city and refused to allow passage, so the soldiers of the King entered the city. The soldiers had to find the perpetrators of obstacles. And what did they see? The soldiers were amazed that crazy people, who to them were an exercise in futility, were everywhere. For example, one company of men did not leave, attempting to drown all the fish in the water. The soldiers returned to the king and reported it. Then the king decided to be gracious to the citizens, because they are too stupid to understand for what they would be punished. This story took place in April and says when is April Fools Day in 2022, calendar is almost unchanged during 7 centuries to todayโ€™s. You should be extra-careful of pranksters, but also Prepare the prank for those who around you. For example, fake news in social networks can be not necessarily about you personally, to bring more confidence. Be the first joker and the earliest, when no one has yet realized what a fun day awaits them.

Traditions of celebration

In the early 1960s, all the spectators of respected television channel in Sweden wore stockings on their televisions. All broadcast were in black and white at that times. But man on television said that the technology to make the screen color exists. This technology was a nylon stocking, he said. Many people do not know what’s inside the TV, so they used different stockings and did not understand why it does not helps.

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April Fools Day

Now it is difficult to surprise modern man, but we still know little about the essence of modern technologies.Wonder what type of joke we could create about it this year? Can we imagine what a great day April Fools Day in 2022 will be?It will be Saturday, which will be remembered and will awaken all to the cheerful spring mood.

The New York Times does not ignore the April First holiday too, as it has done in many years past. For example, in 1934, this newspaper has been involved in the spread of shocking news. On April 1 of that year, many newspapers published a photo with a man flying through the air. They attributed his levitation that he has the power to fly. This news excited the readers, but it was only a joke, a good joke.

When is April Fools Day 2022, we expect there be new stories better than the classic humor. Or the media check in public the old joke in the news? What will happen if some of the news, people perceived not serious, things that will be the real truth?

Is this the best day to act out with friends and acquaintances, or just to make fun of them? So after reading this article to the end, you will remember what is the date of April Fools Day 2022 and will be ready to fun celebration? This is international holiday, what has a long history and tradition. There is a custom to play only up until just before lunch in some countries (the United Kingdom and many former colonies).

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The holiday has been held for many centuries and covers all continents, and its origin is not clear so far. However, it has a great future, because the laughter and joy extend the life.


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