Arabic people have a very close connection with their religion and every detail is important to them. People, there has their own world view and thoughts towards religion history and legends, they treat Koran so much and believe that their God Allah lives in each of them and helps them at any part of their life. That is why they have a lot of religious and equally important holidays, which have special meaning and keep to all traditions, which are connected with any of them. One of the most important days in the year there is Lailat al Miraj. Letโ€™s decide what this day mean and when is Lailat al Miraj in 2022.

Lailat al Miraj

How the history of Islam influenced people

The history tells us that in early age there has lived the prophet, Muhammad โ€“ he was the person, who created Islam and taught people to treat religion and live with honesty and kindness. As he was not like a simple person and knew and experiences many things, which a simple person canโ€™t know and experience, he was thought to be a prophet. People listened to him, came to get and advice and get answers to important questions.

According to the history, one day Muhammad met an angel in the night, who took him to Jerusalem and was offered to pass an experiment. He read special prayers and passed this experiment successfully after which he was ascended to the heaven. Later he went back to people and told him this story and what he has seen and done. People didnโ€™t believe him due to some reasons. The main reason was that Jerusalem is too far from their place of living and all this is impossible. But Muhammadโ€™s teachers believed him and trusted him so much. They convinced people that his story was real.

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After this story, people made this day a holiday and began spending it every year. In translation, it is called โ€œthe night journey and ascensionโ€. The holiday symbolizes the purity of our thoughts and deeds, for which we are prized by God. Also, this holiday shows, that every of us must think what he does, donโ€™t do harm to the world and people, surrounding us, mustnโ€™t keep evil in our hearts and live honestly. Also, all these stories influenced on the date of the holiday and on what day Lailat al Miraj in 2022 is.

Traditions of the holiday

The holiday is really one of the most important days for every Muslim, because when it all happened, it changed the sense and perception of their religion. Even as so much time passed since those events, people tell the story to their children and relatives and try to spread it as much as possible. Usually, they read special prayers on this day and spend time with family. In the following year, people counted, what is the date of Lailat al Miraj 2022 โ€“ it will be on Friday, the 21st of March. Actually, this date is counted on the moon calendar according to the traditions of this religion every year.

Lailat al Miraj 2018

What people do during this day:

  • An obligatory tradition for all Muslims is to lay the table after the sunset. This supper is very reach and full of all kind of dishes with meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit. The table is really huge and the whole family is invited to celebrate this day. Through the day people may not eat at all or eat just a little. Usually, many people also eat just the simplest food without any goodies excesses. But in the evening they are allowed to behave as the want, have fun and eat what the want and do not pinch themselves in anything.
  • One of the most important things for this day is to do as many good deeds as possible. All day long people think over everything they do, try to clean up their minds from everything bad and evil, that can be. A person must have light thoughts and bring kindness to this world. Also every Muslim tries to do good deeds every minute of the day โ€“ a person can help somebody, even in small problems, can give an advice, can solve somebodyโ€™s problems, etc. It is very important to watch for what you are doing. The more good deeds a person does โ€“ the more bad things will be forgiven by God.
  • Also, people pray and praise Allah from the very morning till the end of the day. They try to say the words of gratitude as many times as possible. They thank God for everything they have and for the opportunity to live like they do. It is very important to remember about god every minute.
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Now we have found out when is Lailat al Miraj 2022, calendar of Muslims confirms this information. Be ready, if you want to celebrate this holiday too, for 21st of March.


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