When is National Administrative Professionals Day in 2020? –  Can you answer it? Oh, please, don’t get worried or upset in the case you are not able to do it properly. We will open you a small secret. – Only a few people know this date for sure and can answer it without any difficulties. If you are not among them, today we are going to represent you some amazing pieces of information.


Talking about the matter what day Administrative Professionals Day in 2020 is, we have to represent our readers something really amazing concerning this matter. As a rule, all the directions about the historical background are of the greatest demand.

This special occasion began to be celebrated in the USA in 1952. Initially it happens as a result of the efforts of the journalist called Harry F. Klemfuss from New York.

This holiday was previously called the international or world “Secretary Day”. The special occasion appeared in the United States of America. It was in the USA, in 1952, for the first time, ceremonial events were held dedicated to this professional day.

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In the United States, the holiday began to be celebrated as part of a kind of American holiday marathon called English Administrative Professionals Week. It should be noted that the week or “APW” brand is owned by “The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) created in Kansas in 1942. It was IAAP that came up with the idea of ​​holding a “National Secretary Day” in the USA. The American idea, thanks to the internationality of the association, eventually spread throughout the world and easily caught on in other countries.

The initiators of this international day set it a goal to adequately assess the contribution and professional efforts of secretaries in all spheres of activity, help popularize this profession, and pay tribute to office workers for their hard work.

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In 2000, the “International Secretary Day” became known as the “Day of Professional Administrative Workers”, but it is celebrated on the same day as before. All employees of offices and office structures could rightfully join. However, currently outside the United States, this date is more positioned as before, as “Secretary’s Day”.


What does Administrative Professionals Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not ready to give you an answer to this question. Would you like to know why it is so? – You see, the matter is that you are the only person, who can make a decision, which holidays to celebrate and which ones to forget.  We don’t know you personally, that is why we can’t predict whether you will hold something this day or not.

All in all, the office assistant, as a rule, is assigned the responsibility of compiling a variety of financial and statistical reports, preparing reports, draft orders, etc. In some cases, an administrative assistant may represent the interests of a manager, act on his/her behalf, conduct technical negotiations that do not require immediate decision-making, report their results to the manager, communicate individual decisions of the manager to the staff, perform secretarial duties, etc.

Sometimes his/her duties may be broader and in fact constitute the first (grassroots) level of office leadership.


Such direction as “When is International Administrative Professionals Day 2020?” needs some clarifications and explanations. First of all, we would like to remind our readers some important details. – Almost everybody knows that for office work, an enterprise manager often needs an assistant. The position of such an employee is usually referred to as an “Administrative Assistant” or “Personal Assistant”. Both people fulfill more or less the same task.

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The assistant may be assigned both current responsibilities for providing the technical conditions necessary for the manager to perform the work (booking tickets, organizing business meetings, negotiations, etc.) and functions for solving minor production tasks. In the second case, this means that the office assistant can, to a certain extent, influence the overall actions of the staff and control the execution of the task.

The delegated functions may be assigned to perform tasks of a technical nature, requiring independence of actions and providing for full responsibility for the results (which may include, for example, observation of personnel discipline, expenditure of funds, organization of certain activities, etc.), and consideration of complaints, the resolution of conflict situations or the involvement of relevant services (i.e, coordination and communication work at the enterprise).


When is Administrative Professionals Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. However, under these conditions you have to be rather careful and attentive if you are going to take an active part in the celebration. Why? – The matter is that the holiday doesn’t have a fixed date. It is kept on last Wednesday in April and this year it will be on April 24th.

 Traditionally, the holiday is held as a part of the typical American Administrative Professionals Week. The event is celebrated annually on Wednesday. However, there is a small remark. It is held only at the last full, not short, week of April.

According to information provided by the International Association of Administrative Workers, on this holiday, a number of companies have an interesting tradition to organize banquets and buffets in honor of the secretaries. As a result, the bosses try to load their subordinates as little as possible. Most of them are women, and this case gives the holiday a special flavor. Some of them award their loyal assistants with prizes, mementoes, bouquets of flowers and sweets, etc. The Day of Professional Administrative Workers is not a non-working day.

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You can create something amazing for everybody around. It is up to you to choose, what it will be a warm-hearty family party or a noisy friendly gathering. But under these conditions the choices are really endless.

Administrative Professionals Day Card

National Administrative Professionals Day Facts

The investigation of the question “What is the date of Administrative Professionals Day in 2020?” we concluded that it is necessary to represent our readers additional pieces of the information, which are really amazing.

Administrative Professionals Day is an international professional holiday for office workers performing a wide range of duties: from receiving phone calls (receptionist) to assistant manager (personal secretary). As it has been already mentioned above the event is held around the planet every year, on every Wednesday of the last full April week.

As a rule, the office professionals have a great amount of duties. Here is a list of the most typical of them:

  • Planning and coordination of office services; ensuring office work, printing documents.
  • Control over the receipt and shipment of information, the purchase of necessary materials.
  • Supervising security and employee nutrition issues.
  • Development, documentation and implementation of working methods and procedures.
  • Collaboration with customer service departments, as well as with company management on the implementation of corporate programs.
  • Supervision of the work of office services, methods of work, as well as sales services.
  • Fulfillment of typical managerial responsibilities, including planning, evaluation, organization, integration and control.
  • It is also possible to perform control functions, including staff recruitment, employee performance appraisal, staff training and education, employee promotion and promotion, salary / maintenance increase, contract termination, disciplinary measures, etc.


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