When is National Guide Dogs Day in 2020? This is the question, which can be discussed freely only by people, belonging to some specialized circles. As a rule, men and women donโ€™t think about this unusual holiday as well as about the animals in general. We find this situation to be an unfair one, so today we propose to investigate the special occasion in details.


Talking about the matter what day Guide Dogs Day in 2020 is we should mention some amazing pieces of information.

The dog has long been a devoted friend and assistant of man. Blind people a few centuries ago began to use them as important assistants. The first mention of four-legged friend dated from the Middle Ages. Even then, people who were deprived of sight trusted their lives and health to dogs. But the first professional trainer of these animals was Johann Wilhelm Klein, who published a book on their training. It happened in 1819 and this person also founded the Training Institute for the Blind (Vienna).

Guide Dog

World War I left many strong men out of sight. In Germany, it was decided to help them again adapt to society, for which a assistant dog school was created, supported by the Red Cross.

Unfortunately, we donโ€™t know for sure, why this special occasion is celebrated now on the last Wednesday in April.


What does Guide Dogs Day mean? Well, here we would like to tell you that we arenโ€™t sure whether you will celebrate this day or not. As a rule, people, who arenโ€™t involved into problem, are not going to participate. You see, we donโ€™t know you personally, and this is the main explanation why we canโ€™t predict you attitude to the holiday and your emotions caused by it.

There is a belief that you can’t go to the store with the dog. In practice, this is a typical policy of the vast majority of modern outlets. But there are animals, without which it is impossible to deal in the modern life. Up to the present moment, various societies have already started a campaign that encourages others to treat assistant dogs in public places with understanding.

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There are cases when a dog is not only a friend of a man, but also his/her closest assistant, without which life would become more difficult. Therefore, guide dogs can do anything.

There are special animals that are trained to do their work. These creatures, that is, assistant dogs, are issued a special paper that they can work. In addition, there is a rule that they can go everywhere without a muzzle, and in the bus, and in the store.

As a rule, a special guide course is developed on urban routes so that the animal can get used to transport and infrastructure. The guide must pass from the beginning to the end of the route, stopping at landmarks in the form of pillars, gates and other objects. The pet is taught to warn about any obstacles: pedestrian crossings, asphalt junctions, top points in the form of branches, wires – if the guide has stopped, it means that there is an obstacle ahead. Landmarks and routes the dog remembers with the help of treats. Also, to teach it to monitor the surrounding area, trainers create an artificial city, which has cones, sticks and strung ropes.


Investigation of the matter โ€œWhen is International Guide Dogs Day 2020?โ€ is not as uncomplicated as it may seem at the first sight. As a rule, this direction is not very popular among the ordinary followers of our Internet resource.

For example, have you ever heard that the searching and selection of puppies is an activity of definite specialists of the professional centers? The representative usually visits kennels and watches the ads of people who sell dogs. A puppy, which at the time of purchase canโ€™t be more than three and a half or four months, must have the qualities of a potential guide, so the animals have to be examined carefully before buying.

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In the first turn, the specialist checks the puppy’s behavior on the street, looks at how it reacts to public transport, strangers and other animals outside. Also it is recommended to check the animal’s reaction to harsh loud noises: the puppy should not worry and be nervous about them. It should always be more interesting person. If the puppy fits all parameters, then it is possible to buy the pet.


When is Guide Dogs Day in 2020, calendar won’t let you to forget However, you have to be very careful if you are planning to be involved. Why? โ€“ The explanation is simple. โ€“ The holiday doesnโ€™t have any fixed date. It is held on the last Wednesday in April. For example, in 2020 it will happen on April 29th.

Of course, there is no need to explain that this special occasion is not celebrated on the state level. It assumes that the local authorities donโ€™t usually organize something extraordinary. You can use April 29th for discovering something new. Nowadays, there are a lot of books, magazines and documentaries, devoted to this direction.

Guide Dogs

For example, have you ever heard that before you train a puppy bought in the center, it is grown to the age of one year in volunteer families? The family of volunteers is provided with everything necessary: special dry food, bowls, toys, collars and leashes. Here the animal must learn to live with a person, trust him and learn the basic rules of behavior in the home. The curator of the volunteer program comes every week to volunteers to inspect the dog and conduct classes on the basics of obedience.

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After that, when a dog enters the center, it begins its serious preparation for the general course and the special course of the guide. This training lasts about six months. Each dog has its own trainer, who every day deals with it. The trainer teaches the animal the commands of obedience. At the command of a guide must learn to bring the object in the palm, and not to throw somewhere near the owner. During the training, the dog is touched with his/her hands, because a blind person cannot otherwise verify whether the dog has executed the command or not.

National Guide Dogs Day Facts

The matter โ€œWhat is the date of Guide Dogs Day in 2020?โ€ needs the representation of additional pieces of information. This question is really amazing and draws a lot of attention. For example, we canโ€™t but mention one unusual representative of this sphere.

A golden retriever named Griffin attended classes at the university with his owner and received a document confirming his graduation. It happened that on December 16, at Clarkson American University, a guide dog named Griffin received a master’s degree in occupational therapy with his owner, Brittany Hawley. About this girl told on her page on Facebook. – A 25-year-old American woman said that they had moved to Potsdam, New York, to study 2.5 years ago. A 4-year-old golden retriever went with Hawley to university classes and helped the girl with her internship students.

Hawley moves in a wheelchair because of suffering from chronic pain. Her 4-year-old Griffin is able to open the door and to deliver the items she points to with a laser. At the graduation ceremony, Griffin also received a document on graduation from the university – he became a master of occupational therapy. The owner said that she always went with her pet to release from day one. The dog did everything the same she was doing. They underwent internships in North Carolina, where they helped soldiers with musculoskeletal disorders and mental disorders.


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