Stress Awareness Day

Every year, the world celebrates April 16 Stress Awareness Day.

Stressful psychological state negatively affects human health as a whole, because almost all diseases are caused by stress. It should be noted that the body needs psychological stress for high-quality brain work, but only in small doses. If a person feels stress all the time, does not relax and exhausts himself, then his health will deteriorate over time. Life in a state of stress causes both mental and physical illnesses.

In order to avoid stressful tension, do not forget about regular physical activity, quality nutrition, hobbies, walks in the fresh air, rest, positive communication, spending time alone with yourself, etc.

Stress Awareness Day aims to draw humanity’s attention to the problem of psychological stress, increase awareness of the importance of overcoming stress and the possible irreversible consequences of a stressful state.

Stress Awareness Day
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