Many of you are fond of music and lots of bands are presented nowadays but not all become successful and well-known all over the world. Today we gonna talk about one that literally blew up all the dance floors and pushed the limits of acceptable music video content everywhere, and became an idol for many generations. So, let’s find out what and when National Duran Duran Appreciation Day in 2022 is?

National Duran Duran Appreciation Day is celebrated annually on 10th of August and is held in order to honor, respect, and recall the times of that legendary band, formed of 4 participants Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor, Andy Taylor, and Roger Taylor. The quartet has conquered the hearts of millions and that is the reason for a holiday.


So, before turning to the issue of what day Duran Duran Appreciation Day in 2022 is, let’s plunge into the story of our topic.

National Duran Duran Appreciation Day

Duran Duran for most fans was a new wave in music. And this is not accidental. Such a reputation has been growing up with each video clip, the attention of which attracted the appearance of the participants, which was full of glamor. If not looking at the screen, the oeuvre of the band can be attributed to the genre of pop-funk that describes the group as, for example, Sex Pistols, who met Chic – who never had the opportunity to create a world-famous pop band. Until Duran Duran performed compositions in a slightly sharper direction than the New Romance style, no song has hit MTV, and the clips resembled just the quintet born in Birmingham. Each video was unique in its own way, combining various cinematographic techniques, showing the team in the cabin of a luxury jet liner, then as adventurers.

The peak of the popularity of the English group Duran Duran was reached in the eighties. Their success was connected with music videos that showed both the glamor style of the band participants and the obviously overlooked sexual overtones. Duran Duran sold millions of their records copies; their singles were steadily leading in the international charts. The first tour of the band in the US was called the ‘British invasion’, and the unofficial name ‘Birmingham Five’ directly pointed to popularity comparable to the glory of the Beatles. Since then, more than one musical style has changed, more than one generation of musical fans has grown, but the traditions of Duran Duran, which were once called the “new romance” and the “new wave”, remain relevant even though they are not dominant.

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The beginning of the history of the beloved band of Princess Diana belongs to the distant 1978. Eighteen-year-old Bermingham nightclub ‘Ram Ranner’ doorman, John Taylor, who was fond of playing the guitar, and his school buddy Nick Bates, who worked as a DJ in the same place as Rhodes, started joint rehearsals in their spare time. They were inspired by the work of David Bowie and the band ‘Roxy Music’, who worked in the style of ‘glam rock’. Not far from the ‘Ram Ranner’ more prestigious club ‘Barbarellaz’ was where celebrities often performed, including ‘Sex Pistols’. The character of the fantastic film ‘Barbarella’, the evil doctor Duran Duran gave his name to the new band, which was joined by vocalist Steven Duffy and bass guitarist Simon Collie.

After a series of appearances in Ram Runner, Sam Wickett began to perform instead of Duffy, who was succeeded by Simon Le Bon after a year, and Alan Curtis became the bass player. The final composition of Duran Duran became established after the arrival of the drummer Roger Taylor. All participants of Duran Duran were young, good-looking and very photogenic. In addition to musical creativity, they paid much attention to partnership with stylists, make-up artists, worked with professional photographers and cameramen.

After participating in the Edinburgh Music Festival and the tour of England in 1980, their photos often appeared in magazines, and the first demo clip attracted the leading TV channels. The group signed a contract with the firm EMI, which released their first album Duran Duran, and with the new television channel MTV. However, the video of ‘Girls on Film’, containing naked bodies, showed only at night but in 1984 this video received the Grammy award.

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The first tours of 1982 in Japan, USA, and Australia became a real triumph for the band, as well as their new album ‘Rio’, which became platinum, and was subsequently included in the list of one hundred best albums of all time. The song from this album ‘Hungry like the wolf’ was among the world hits, leading in the radio stations of many countries, and the self-titled clip was often shown on MTV. Very successful was their next album.

In 2006, the group was invited to perform at such ceremonies as the opening of the Turin Olympic Games and the awarding of the Nobel Prize. It was said about their joint projects with Britney Spears, but they weren’t realized.

Currently, the group continues to perform a lot, in 2022 scheduled tours in Italy, the US, and Canada.


Knowing what Duran Duran Appreciation means will help you to understand the way celebrating this holiday. Well, when Duran Duran Appreciation Day in 2022 is held, the main target is to take part in events devoted to the 80-90s music bands and buy a ticket for their concert, which is held annually. Take your friends and family to plunge into the pop rock funk history and enjoy the process.

Moreover, in the era of digitalization, it’s so easy to seize and capture the moment then share it with your contacts. So, use ##DuranDuranDay and join numerous conversations on Twitter.


What is the date of Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2022? The calendar has clarified this issue and we can turn to another part.

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Many Duran Duran creatures have interesting stories connected with the participants and the audience.

National Duran Duran Appreciation Day

One of the examples is that although the song ‘Girls on film’ is considered to be the very first video clip in the history of “Duran Duran”, at the time of its creation, the “MTV” channel did not exist yet. The first time it was shown in the newest music clubs, on the walls of which were installed special monitors, as well as on commercial channels for adults like “Playboy”. Some of the girls shot in the video were naked, portrayed candid lesbian games, erotic massage, kisses in the bare chest and buttocks.


Each holiday requires a tradition of celebrating and this one is not an exception.

This day is a great opportunity to get out on some kind of concert bringing your friends and relatives with you. In addition, many charity festivals are held annually by the band where you participate in.

So, in order to honor and respect the history of the band, it’s highly recommended to have a photo with one of the participants which you can post in the social media.

Duran Duran Appreciation Day Facts

Generally speaking, many nutty facts about song writing and releasing were noted. Let’s get acquainted with some of them.

  1. A View To A Kill

Among all the title songs ever made for the James Bond films, this one was only that won first place in the US national hit parade.

  1. The Chauffeur

The word “The Chauffeur” is nowhere mentioned except the title. Despite this, there is a suggestion that the phrase “Blue Silver” may be an appeal to a car brand “Rolls Royce.” The names of the models of this company repeatedly used the word “silver”.

  1. Wild Boys

This song was the first from “Duran Duran”, which, with a pure studio sound, entered the concert live album. The album was called “Arena” and became the best-selling album of the band in the 80s.


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