Self-renewal day

February 2 is celebrated in the calendar of extraordinary holidays Day of self-renewal (Self Renewal Day). Despite the lack of information about the initiator and the date of its initiation, the holiday found support in the public.

Self-renewal is a complex process of self-development and self-improvement, which consists in forming a healthy body, striving to get closer to a certain ideal, and rethinking relationships with the environment. On this day, people try to look at life in a new way, begin to carry out tasks that were planned, but never started for various reasons, to improve their knowledge and skills, and realize the need to restore the soul and body.

The ability of society to renew itself depends on the worldview of individuals. Focusing on the right priorities, a person full of optimism and determination, despite shocks and failures, looks for a way to success. And with inspiring goals and the motivation to achieve them, she is able to achieve great victories in her life and change the world for the better.

Self-renewal day
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