A day without cosmetics and make-up

August 21 is celebrated all over the world A day without cosmetics and make-up. Every year, more and more women join the celebrations, who declare that they are beautiful with their natural beauty. They encourage other women to join in the celebrations, love yourself in any way you look and go out into the world without makeup.

  • It is interesting that 44% of girls consider themselves ugly without makeup, and 14% are psychologically dependent on makeup.

Beauty without photoshop and filters

Modern standards of beauty force women to always be “on top” and look flawless in any situation. Many young ladies feel insecure when there is no foundation, mascara and lipstick on their face. That is why women began to stand up for beauty without cosmetics, without photoshops and filters. In support of No Makeup Day, foreign and domestic stars, models, actresses, and bloggers post their photos and videos without makeup on social networks. The main purpose of this holiday is to show women that their faces are beautiful, tender and unique even without makeup.

A day without cosmetics and make-up
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