Rose Day

September 22 is celebrated all over the world Rose Day (World Rose Day). This memorial day was started in memory of Melinda Rose, who was diagnosed with Askin’s tumor at the age of 12. This rare type of cancer is considered incurable – the patient dies in a matter of weeks.

After the girl heard her diagnosis, she not only lived another six months, but also supported other patients, filling the last days of their lives with joy. This courageous girl sent letters and poems by e-mail to people who had already lost hope and given up. In her letters, Melinda urged them to fight the disease to the end, not to lose optimism and love for life.

Now every year on this day, people who want to support cancer patients send them bouquets of roses. Also, in some cities, information campaigns are organized, with the help of which doctors and volunteers talk about ways to prevent cancer and effective measures to combat them.

Rose Day
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