Plant Energy Day

Every year on March 7, the world celebrates a relevant and important holiday – Plant Energy Day. The event was initiated by the plant sales company Alpro.

the purpose Plant Energy Day is the involvement of humanity in the consumption of more vegetables and fruits. This does not mean at all that you should switch to plant-based food only. Scientists assure that a successful combination of animal and vegetable products makes nutrition complete and healthy. In the same way, you can add a little berries to your favorite dessert and then the sweets will no longer be so harmful.

Nowadays, the problem of consuming fast food and other artificial products is extremely acute, so participation in Days of plant energy very relevant.

March 7 is a great opportunity to think about how healthy and natural your diet is. If semi-finished products make up the lion’s share of food, then on this day find time to monitor interesting, tasty and, of course, vegetable recipes that will nicely complement the diet.

Plant Energy Day


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