The main element of our bodies is H2O. People can’t exist without this substance. They need liquid to live. There are many lands on the Earth which don’t provide much fresh water for the people’s, plants’ and animals’ needs. The most serious problem is pollution. This substance is in danger. Lack of fresh liquid can lead the environment to extinction of living creatures and plants. People have to monitor the amount of H2O on the Earth and in their local territories. A special occasion was initiated to watch the problem and involve the public into the problem with fresh liquid. People have a chance to prevent the most common problems and to study the origin of their appearance. When is World Water Monitoring Day in 2022?


The day was proposed to be held in 2003. The initiator of the occasion was Clean Water Foundation. This American organization proposed to create a program according to which the public awareness to the problems of H2O resources had to be raised up. The program was initiated as an educational project. People have to know how to monitor their own resources of liquid. When the counting is over, there is a need to share the results through the given internet resource.

World Water Monitoring Day

The first celebrations took place in October. The reason was to recognize the Clean Water Act signed in 1972 which anniversary was on the 18th of October. The main goal of that law was to protect the resources of liquid in the USA. Later the occasion was decided to be shifted on the 18th of September. The organizer decided to give the possibility of participating in the proposed events to those American areas where it is usually very cold in October. The shift of the date was made in 2007.

2006 was the year when the main procedure of the event was coordinated by the International Water Association and the Water Environment Federation. It was planned to involve more than a million individuals from one hundred countries. The main goal was to have been reached till 2012. The event has got several managers. The information can be got in the internet “What day National Water Monitoring Day in 2022?” It’s on the 18th of September.

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What does Water Monitoring Day mean for the environment and the majority of people? H2O is an ordinary thing for the dwellers of the civilized cities. A few of them think over the problem of its purity. People get the pure liquid from their taps. It is protected and monitored by the local authorities. There is no need to provide any actions to purify liquid from harmful substances.

Nevertheless, it happens sometimes that H2O from taps isn’t as clear as it is thought to be. It happens not only in poor territories but also in civilized countries. So, the idea to initiate such an occasion is a very great thought. People all over the world can make simple tests to detect impurity in liquid. It is a chance to inform the international authorities and get a possibility to improve the situation.

Sometimes a bad index can become a push to think about the reasons of bad resources in a region. The local authorities can influence the people’s minds and educate the society. Main problems can be got through bad treatment with natural recourses. It is a reason to stop pollution of the environment.

The process of monitoring isn’t a very frequent procedure. So, this information can’t get to people’s minds. The importance of such an international test is expressed in the comparison of various territories on the Earth. When is International Water Monitoring Day 2022? It’s on the 18th of September.


When the majority of people hear about the occasion, they understand that it is a way when the monitoring process can be done. But a few persons know what actions must be done and what to do with the results of the test. It is a need to share this information through the internet.

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The word “water” has got lots of definitions according to the vocabularies. The basic meaning is “liquid without taste and odor”. It is transparent. It consists of hydrogen and oxygen. This substance boils at 100° C and freezes at 0°C. This liquid is the surface of the world oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. It is also a kind of liquid. The word was already used in the 9th century in Old English. Through years it slightly changed its spelling several times.

The word “monitoring” is a derivative form from “monitor”. It means “any activity which helps to observe the condition of the test subject”. It is used for reminding people the result of the test. The word itself has its roots in the 16th century. The original language is Latin.

What is the date of World Water Monitoring Day 2022? It’s on the 18th of September. It is a strict day when we can make a test of the liquid which we usually get from our taps.


The majority of people don’t often think about the state of liquid in their homes. Other individuals set filters under the taps. Sometimes they see what the liquid contains due to the process of filter changing. Sometimes it scares, sometimes don’t. But the majority of the world society uses the proposed liquid without thinking over its content.

The occasion is usually proclaimed beforehand, so the public can be involved into the process of testing. The ways of the procedure are always announced through the website The main purpose of such a test is to find salt and other admixtures. It is a chance to elicit the necessity of distillation and filtration.

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World Water Monitoring Day

Individuals and event organizations can register on the website and get information about the results of their testing actions. All the results are to be compared by the site managers. The total of such a comparison is informed throughout the world.

Many cities have H2O companies which provide services to check the state of local substance. Everybody can make a phone call and order such a procedure. The process can be useful not only for ordinary people but also for water companies. It is a chance to improve the content of the liquid. The results can be given to the local authorities. They also can participate in the process of improving the state of local liquid. If you want to participate in the process, try to find the information through websites “When is Water Monitoring Day in 2022, calendar of events?”

World Water Monitoring Day Facts

  1. If the region has lots of fresh water, it is lucky. More than 95% of the whole amount of H2O on the Earth is considered to be salt. People can’t drink such substance.
  2. People can’t drink the whole amount of fresh water. Only 1% of it is available for it.
  3. 2% of the world fresh liquid is in the Arctic territories.
  4. The use of H2O isn’t only for drinking. The humanity uses it for irrigating, cooking, cleaning, electricity, etc.
  5. Almost 2 billion people suffer from the contaminated substance.
  6. More than 2.5 billion people in the world don’t have even sanitation.
  7. More than 5 thousand people pass away every day because of serious diseases. Their reason is dirty water. The main amount of these sufferers is children.
  8. It is supposed that till 2030 almost a half of the world humanity will have problems with H2 Asia and Africa will suffer most of all.
  9. It is said that an ordinary human needs almost 50 liters of fresh substance every day.
  10. The African girls and women spend more than 5 hours a day to fetch H2


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