Every year on September 22, progressive humanity celebrates Internet Awareness Day (OneWebDay). The founder of this day in 2006 was Susan P. Crawford, who at that time was a member of the ICANN Board. The purpose of celebrating this day is to expand the audience, which will continue to care about the quality and unhindered access to the Internet.

In 2013, on the basis of OneWebDay, it was decided to extend access to the World Wide Web to people with disabilities. The organizers prioritized such priorities as freedom of expression, continuity and universal access.

Celebrations on this day are held in New York, London, Vienna, Belgrade and some other cities. Contests are organized where everyone can write a short essay about an interesting use of the Internet. There are also educational workshops, demonstrations and lectures on creating online diaries and many other things.

Interesting to know

  • The average Internet user spends 3 hours 40 minutes online every day.
  • Mobile devices account for about half of all time spent on the Internet.
  • The most active users of social networks and the Internet in general are residents of the Philippines. Japanese people spend the least amount of time surfing the net.

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