At the turn of the millennium, in most developed countries, the general and structural inadequacy of labor resources began to reappear. Reducing the number and aging of the population, changing the proportions between its able-bodied and disabled part in favor of the second – these clearly defined processes will increasingly determine the demographic profile of developed societies in the near future.
The main reason for the demographic decline, primarily on the European continent, was a decrease in the birth rate. Since the 1960s, the EU has experienced a nearly twofold decrease in its coefficient, which often does not ensure even simple reproduction of the population now. Thereby, letโ€™s check out when is International Migrants Day in 2022.

The global observance is held yearly on 18th of December. The main goal is to call on the society to support and commemorate this process and its members.


The projections of the reduction and aging of the developed countriesโ€™ population, predicting the inevitable growth of their needs for foreign labor, provoked a heated debate about the problems of migration. Traditionally, it was believed it provides host societies with the lack of labor resources and makes a significant contribution to their economic development. But now, the negative socio-political consequences of immigration are clearly visible. The seemingly indisputably positive economic effect is increasingly being questioned. Supporters of migration restriction attribute to it an increase in unemployment, a fall in earnings among the indigenous population, an increase in social spending, a slowdown in economic growth.


We will step forward to better understand what day National Migrants Day in 2022 is.

The processes of international migration are regulated both by the state and by an international legal instrument. Two opposite tendencies lie at the basis of regulating this process. On the one hand, adherence to the principle of the open economy requires the state to observe the principle of free movement of labor and population, and on the other hand, the real situation in the country compels to apply various kinds of prohibitions and restrictions.

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What does National Migrants Day mean? International labor migration is one of the most complex elements in international economic relations. This is due primarily to the fact that, unlike commodity exchange or international capital flow, this process involves living people.

A significant economic factor determines the migration of labor is the presence of organic unemployment in some countries, especially the underdeveloped.ย  For developed countries, foreign labor from developing countries means providing a number of industries, infrastructure services with the necessary workers, without which a normal production process is impossible.

Well, now you have a better understanding when is International Migrants Day 2022 and what does it mean to society.


The following facts will help us define this significant date.

Migration pressure on Europe is the result of civil wars and the desire to have a life with great development opportunities. The last motive is the most important. Half of the numerous asylum seekers whose applications were processed in 2015 in the EU were denied, so these petitioners were regarded as economic refugees. It is enough the situation in their country resembled a war.

Approximately one in three asylum-seekers stated they had come from Syria because this group of refugees basically always gets shelter. Consequently, there are too many people in such a group. This is partly due to using fake Syrian passports, in part because the asylum-seeker without documents is strongly tempted to extradite Syria for his homeland. When making such decisions, the doubt is interpreted in favor of the asylum seeker. Therefore, it is hardly correct to describe the existing migration pressure on Europe and Denmark only as a migration crisis and consider the Syrian asylum seekers to be people who run from the horrors of war. The growing number of economic refugees forced then High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, former Foreign Minister of Norway, Thorvald Stoltenberg, to express concern about the future of the entire asylum system.

So, many dates are connected with this process and nowadays you should remember what is the date of World Migrants Day.

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Foreign culture centers organize special events to help their hosts understand the new members of their society. They invite artists, make shows with traditional music and dances, and prepare their national dishes. Sometimes they sell arts and crafts. In the evening they show movies and have parties.

Sociologists find it hard to predict the number of migrants in a country. Due to the relatively low proportion of migrants whose motivation is the main driver of the move, the volume and structure of migration do not always correspond to the basic economic needs of the host society. Its impact on the level of economic activity of the population, on the ratio of the working and idle parts of it, is of a dual nature.

The calendar helps you to find out when is Migrants Day in 2022, and then you should support it by visiting events and festivals. To prepare for such events, to understand the problems and motivation of the foreigners, consider the following.

Migrants on a boat

There are four main categories in the migration structure: economic migrants, reunited family members, refugees, and illegal migrants. The ratio between them varies significantly in specific countries. The first category accounts for a half of all migrants in Switzerland, Australia, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. However, in other developed countries, they play a much more modest role, giving way to people in the channels of family reunification; Such migrants number 70 – 80% in the US, Sweden, Denmark. Refugees account for about 20% of host foreigners in Norway, France, and Sweden.

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International Migrants Day Facts

  • According to the UN forecasts, in 2000 – 2050, developed countries require a substantial compensating net migration to maintain the population, especially its economically active part.
  • Entrepreneurship and self-employment are more common among many ethnic groups of migrants than among the local population.

In recent years, migration of labor between developing countries has been increasing. The movement occurs mainly between the new industrial countries – the OPEC countries, on the one hand, and the developing countries – on the other. For example, in the 1960s-1980s, the flow of labor into Hong Kong was especially noticeable from China, Vietnam and other countries of Southeast Asia. In Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, up to 1 million people were employed only from Yemen. This migration was determined mainly by economic reasons: a higher standard of living, wages in the countries importing labor. In addition, in the “Asian tigers”, the rich countries of the Persian Gulf, there was a constant shortage of low-skilled labor.

To sum up, donโ€™t pass by the process of migration and show your indifference by celebrating the day with your relatives and friends.


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