Ukrainians celebrate August 28 Obzhynky – the rite of completion of the grain harvest.

Obzhynky – the history of the celebration

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, obzhynky were celebrated at different times, depending on the specific area and climatic conditions. Ukrainians timed the celebration to the Assumption.

Traditions and customs

This holiday is an age-old tradition. In honor of the celebration, such rituals as the curling of the beard, the honoring of the last sheaf, the consecration of mown rye and collected herbs, and the watering of reapers are held.

  • According to ancient customs, in order not to disturb the “spirit of the field”, the last sheaf had to be reaped silently.
  • A small part of the uncut ear of corn was always left on the field, which was tied with a ribbon. It was called curling the beard.
  • In Polissia, bread and salt were placed until the last ears of corn.
  • The last sheaf was always called the birthday boy, who was honored in a special way – dressed in human clothes and put to penance.
  • Finally, they wove a wreath from the ears of corn for the most beautiful reaper and went to celebrate with singing.

Spozhynki (Slavs)
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