When is National Knife Day in 2022? Can you answer this question? Have you ever heard about the existence of this special occasion in the modern calendar? – Well, we predict your surprise! As a rule, modern people, both men and women, amaze to find out about the existence of this holiday. Yes, it does exist indeed and today we are going to introduce it in details. Would you like to join us?


The matter concerning the direction what day Knife Day in 2022 is involves a great amount of various facts. Usually the historical background of the event is of the greatest demand among our followers. Unfortunately, today we can’t tell you about the establishers of the event as well as the reasons for celebration it on August 20th.

The historians are sure that initially it was nothing but a decision, which became successful in the course of time. 

In ancient times, several thousand years ago, hunters began to make knives for themselves from available materials. These materials include, first of all, bone, flint and hardwoods. Knives were needed by people for hunting and self-defense. But it should be noted that these first, far from perfect in design, samples of knives could not be equal in efficiency with other hunting weapons – with spears and bows.

Actually, the knives did not need to compete with other weapons, the knife had completely different advantages: low weight and convenient dimensions, and, along with this, it became indispensable for finishing the game and its subsequent cutting, and, which is especially important, the knife served as an indispensable item for removal and processing of the skin of the killed animal.

At the same time, the hunter could take full hunting equipment, a spear and a bow, and at the same time it did not hinder the movement. After hunting, the advantages in everyday life are undeniable. It was only thanks to the presence of knives that a person learned to cut and peel the food he needed – meat, vegetables and fruits.

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What does Knife Day mean? Frankly speaking, we can’t even predict whether this special occasion means something for you or not. It is up to you to choose what to celebrate and which holidays you can forget without any hesitations and regrets.

You see, as a rule, the event like this one is kept by people, who are fond of these objects. They are mostly men, and the amount of ladies is really small.

Collecting knives is a hobby for real men. There are as many hobbies as there are people. Sometimes hobbies are strange, inexplicable, with some degree of originality and varying degrees of danger. It is impossible to understand the nature of human interests, let alone predict.

All in all any interest sets in motion a human fantasy that a person comes up with dangerous entertainment, calling them a hobby. Both women and men are equal here. It is believed that their hobbies are different: women are interested in art products, and men are interested in edged weapons and knives. Although it may be the other way around, the hobbies of both of them cannot be predicted.


Investigating the matter “When is International Knife Day 2022?” we discovered a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with our followers.

Perhaps the knife is not the first tool in human practice, but the fact that this tool deserves respect is clear to everyone. It can be used in our kitchens for everyday activities, for creating something, for hunting and fishing. Some people even use it for rituals.

In fact, among the representatives of modern society there are a lot of people, mostly men, who choose knife collecting as a hobby. There are many options for it as well as for studying these items. These are knives of national distinction, military, hunting and fishing, classic kitchen or gardening, maybe the interest will be focused on cult and religious knives. In any case, for those who do not give up hope of being original can be a good start to pay close attention to them.

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Modern ceramic knives still include a handle and a blade. At the same time we can’t but mention that there are many various types of knives. The choices are endless: from forged knives to ceramic knives. In its turn the edge of the cutting blade might be serrated or regular, or represent the both things. The handle can also be various. It can have a full or partial shank. Sometimes, for better general balance, a particular crossbar is inserted in a section arranged between the blade and the handle. However, in the most cases it is made from another metal, such as copper.

The blade itself can be conditionally subdivided into several zones. They are called in different ways: a cutting surface, a grind, back, ricasso and bloodstream. A guard is arranged between the blade and the handle. It is a protective partition. It saves the hand of the owner from the opponent or accidental slipping of the hand onto the blade.


When is Knife Day in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. It will happen on August 24th as usually. The holiday has a fixed date. However, you should not expect that the local authorities will organize any events devoted to this special occasion. As a rule, they do not even know about its existence.

The holiday may be held in specialized circles. That is among the people, who are fond of these items. You may try to find then and join the company for the portion of entertainment.

However, if it is impossible, organize your own day. The easiest way is to devote August 24th to discovering something new. Read some periodicals, watch documentary, share pieces of information with people around you and then discuss everything in details.

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National Knife Day Facts

The answer to the question “What is the date of Knife Day in 2022?” has been already done above. However, today we want to share some other pieces of information as well. All of them are very interesting and unusual. Meet a list of the most terrific facts about these items.

  • Steel fountain pens became widely used in the mid-19th century, and before that the people wrote mainly with goose feathers. Such feathers had to be sharpened periodically, which was called a point. Accordingly, a special knife for this procedure was called a penknife. Later the word “penny” came to be applied to all pocket knives.
  • The Swiss Army Knife, introduced in the late 19th century, has a much earlier prototype. In one of the Cambridge museums, there is a versatile folding instrument originally from Ancient Rome. It includes a spoon, fork, blade, spatula, toothpick and even a special spike for picking meat out of snails.
  • Each of us has heard that giving knives, like other stabbing and cutting devices, is a bad omen. But in Japan, all objects that can cut – be it a sword, knife, garden shears, or a chisel – are summarized in Japanese by the concept of “hamono”, literally meaning “a thing with a blade” – bring good luck, while giving a lapel turn everything bad, it can also be knives, scissors and other items, united by this concept.
  • The use of knives in funeral rites is archaic. Knives and sickles are found in ancient Russian burials: they were stuck in a fireplace or in an urn, and with inhumation – in the bottom of the grave. In Macedonia, they put a knife under the head of the deceased so that he does not turn into a vampire.


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