Lidovar’s Day

January 16 is celebrated Day of the ice maker – a holiday of ice-fillers, both professionals and amateurs who work in large arenas or simply prepare rinks on the streets for children. It was January 16 that was chosen in honor of the birthday (1901) of the American engineer Frank Zamboni – the inventor of the ice machine for restoring (filling) the ice on the rink. Before this invention, it was done manually. Modern harvesters-resurfacers are often called “zamboni”.

Not everyone knows, but the profession ice maker – quite complicated. It takes time, sometimes a whole day, to prepare the rink properly and efficiently, and the process of making ice takes at least a week. Very often, this specialty is acquired by former athletes, because they, like no one else, know what the ice should be like.

They celebrate this holiday in a pleasant company, on the ice, enjoying light skating. The more people will gather on the ice on this day, the better, because mass skating is an expression of gratitude to the ice makers and recognition of the importance of their unusual profession.

Lidovar's Day
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