1. It is considered unique the sound of the Stradivari violin is associated with the sun’s rays. The best tools are made from trees grown in gloomy weather. From the middle of the 17th century, the phenomenon when solar activity reached its lowest value was called the Maunder minimum. Wood in such conditions becomes hard, ideal for a violin.
  2. The violin helps to stimulate the brain. When playing an instrument, new neural connections are created. So, for example, Albert Einstein mastered this tool from childhood, which, in his opinion, accelerated the solving of mathematical problems.
  3. Guarneri and Stradivari instruments are considered the most expensive violins, although in terms of sound they do not differ from high-quality modern ones. The highest price for a Guarneri violin “Viotan” was paid in 2010 at an auction in Chicago 18 million dollars. The most valuable Stradivari violin “Lady Blunt” was sold for 16 million dollars in 2011.
  4. It was held in 2010 experiment, the purpose of which was to establish the difference in the sound quality of rare Stradivari and Guarneri violins with modern instruments. The blind testing method showed that the sound of violins from the hands of masters of our time is better than old instruments. The results prove that old is not always better than new.
  5. The unique sound of the violin is obtained with the help of a bow that is guided along the strings. Up to 200 horsetail hairs are strung on the bow. Until the middle of the 18th century, Italians used cleaned sheep intestines for strings, which were subjected to a special processing method. On today, bows are made of synthetic fibers and metal.
  6. Today, there is no equipment that would perfectly synthesize the sound of a violin. Therefore, to truly enjoy the instrument, it is necessary to listen to a live performance.
  7. If play the violin in front of the spider, then he will certainly crawl out of hiding, but not to listen to music. The sound causes the web to vibrate, and the spider is confused.
  8. Sculptor from Sweden, Lars Wiedenfalk, created a unique stone violin called “Black Thrush” (see photo below). The material was black diabase, and the layout was created on the basis of Stradivari drawings. It is believed that its sound is no worse than instruments made of wood. It weighs only 2 kg due to the delicately created wall of the resonator box, which is no more than 2.5 mm thick.
  9. In the Middle Ages, the violin was called the devil’s instrument. Virtuoso violinists were hunted by the clergy, who believed that the unique sound corrupts the minds of ordinary people and inclines them to the dark side of evil. Even peaceful Norway joined this war: people’s violins were burned.
  10. Mozart is attributed an interesting mirror duet for two violins. Performers stand opposite each other and put the necessary notes in the middle. Each violinist performs his own part, but both parts of the work are recorded on the same page. Starting to play notes from different sides, the musicians simultaneously reach the middle of the sheet and diverge again.
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Mirror duet for two violins. Mozart (but it’s not exactly 😉)

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violin black dresd

A stone violin called “Black Thrush” by Lars Wiedenfalku.

Similar violins are also made by Czech master Jan Roerich. He makes his violins from marble.

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Interesting facts about the violin


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