European Day of Lawyers

On October 25, European lawyers celebrate a professional holiday. The initiative to celebrate this day came in 2014 from the CCBE – Council of Advocates and Legal Societies of Europe. The organization proposed to celebrate the European Day of Lawyers in order to coordinate annual pan-European events. The purpose of the celebration is to unite the efforts of members of the bar and legal societies in order to convey to society the importance of lawyers in supporting civil rights.

Events celebrating the event are aimed at maintaining the rule of law, recognizing the contribution of legal system employees to the observance of established laws, and protecting legal principles. The celebration is organized by national and local associations of advocates and lawyers. They work with youth associations, student groups, law schools and community organizations. During the events, printed materials are distributed, programs are held to increase the level of awareness of the citizens of the European Union regarding the role of lawyers in the legal system.

European Day of Lawyers
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