International Weird Music Day

August 24 is celebrated every year International Weird Music Day.

History of the foundation of the International Day of Weird Music

The history of the holiday is not so old. It was started in 1998 by musician and composer from New York, a graduate of the Juilliard School of Music, Patrick Grant. At that time, the musician was promoting his new album Fields Amaze. The date of August 24 was not chosen by chance – it was the birthday of his girlfriend’s father, who was once a kind of artistic mentor for Grant. When the idea of ​​creating and listening to strange music reached Europe in 2002, the day gained international status.

Purpose of creating an event?

The purpose of this holiday is to introduce people to new or unusual music, as well as the opportunity to show their own unusual musical talents.

  • It is interesting that the term “weird music” means music of any genre and direction using not only the usual musical instruments, but anything that can make sound at all.

How to celebrate the International Day of Weird Music

This day can be celebrated not only by musicians, but also by those who have never dealt with music, but feel musical talents in themselves or simply like to listen to music.

International Weird Music Day
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