International Pinotage Day

International Pinotage Day is held annually on the second Saturday of October. Pinotage is a grape variety that was bred in South Africa. It is used to create wine with a very mild taste.

It all started in 1925, when Professor Abraham Perold managed to cross two varieties – Pinot Noir and Cinsault.

  • The taste of wine from this grape reveals quite unusual notes – plum, cherry, blackberry, fig. There is also a smokiness, coffee and chocolate aroma and even a banana aftertaste.

The uniqueness of the variety is that it can fully reveal its properties only in its homeland. But it is successfully cultivated in Canada, USA, New Zealand, Israel and Zimbabwe.

Residents of the Republic of South Africa are proud that such a wonderful variety has been bred in their country. That is why the International Pinotage Day was created.

International Pinotage Day
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