When is National Happy Children’s Day in 2022? The name of this holiday sounds quite amazingly. However, as a rule, only a few contemporary people are ready to answer this question without any hesitations. Most part of modern men and women have never heard about its existence in the calendar. We find this situation to be an unfair one, so today we are going to investigate the direction in details.


Talking about the question what day Happy Children’s Day in 2022 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of this event. As a rule, many followers are really interested in this direction.

First of all, we have to mention that the event is celebrated annually on November 20. Everything started in 1954. The representatives of the UN General Assembly decided to recommend all countries to introduce the date celebration as a holiday of world friendly attitude and mutual understanding of kids, dedicated to activities aimed at ensuring the well-being of all kids all around the planet.

The UN invited governments to spend this holiday. Initially it was possible to choose any date, which the country considered appropriate for the celebration. However, in the course of time it was suggested to choose a universal one. Since then World Children’s Day has served to strengthen solidarity and cooperation between various nations.

Why did they choose November 20th then? – The explanation is quite simple actually. On this date in 1959 the Assembly adopted the particular Declaration devoted to the Rights of the Child. Moreover, we can’t mention that on this date, but in 1989 the Convention on the Rights of the Child was signed.


What does Happy Children’s Day mean? Well, frankly speaking we can’t give a certain answer to this question instead of you. Why? Actually everything is quite clear. We don’t know you personally, that is why we are not able to reply this matter instead of you. We can’t even predict your attitude to this event.

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Children and adolescents are the most vulnerable members of any society. Unfortunately, in the modern world their interests and rights are often violated, both in the poorest and in developed countries. Poor conditions are one of the most common violations of children’s rights. Without decent and safe housing, without sanitary living conditions, it is much more difficult for boys and girls to live and to develop properly. Actually, in accordance with the professional point of view, health cannot be good, when boys or girls grow up in unsanitary conditions. The kids have the right to play and to exercise in the safe places.


The question “What is the date of Happy Children’s Day in 2022?” is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight.

Actually, according to the UN, every year eleven million boys and girls die before they reach their fifth birthday, tens of millions more remain physically or mentally ill, unable to grow up, live and develop.

Many of these deaths are caused by easily preventable or treatable diseases; others are the destructive consequences of poverty, ignorance, discrimination and violence. Together, these causes bring grievous losses to families, communities, nations, and the world in general.

Unfortunately, the possibility to meet various kinds of difficulties that threaten the life and well-being of boys and girls may appear not only in early childhood. Little boys and girls become more vulnerable, since they are often deprived of their rights, including the right to education, to participate in public and political life, and to protect from harm to health.

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The UN Children’s Fund carries out extensive work on all aspects of child health – from the prenatal period to adolescence. The Fund takes all measures possible to ensure that pregnant women have access to proper medical supervision before and during childbirth, to strengthen the ability of families to cope with childhood diseases at home, and to advise communities on how to ensure the highest level of health care.

The Children’s Fund makes special efforts to ensure that small boys and girls who have lost their parents due to HIV / AIDS receive the same care as their peers. It also helps ensure a decent life for women and small patients with AIDS.


When is Happy Children’s Day in the U.S. in 2022, calendar will surely remind you. Actually, it is not a serious problem to remember when it comes. As it has been already mentioned above the holiday is held annually on November 20. You are always free to be involved. Sometimes the celebrations are organized even by local authorities.

On Children’s Day, charity events and holidays are also held in various countries. The representatives of many associations do everything possible and sometimes even impossible to help boys and girls, who are temporally or constantly in need. The celebration of the Event at the local and state level can be attended by parents, teachers, doctors, political and religious leaders, civil society activists, heads of companies and enterprises, the media, as well as youth and kids themselves.

You can also devote this moment to something new. Just try to help the kids, who are in need? And do something special for them. Unfortunately there are many of them in almost every corner of the planet. You can also watch the films or documentaries devoted to this direction. Contemporary media may also introduce a lot of Internet articles, books or periodicals about this matter. The choices are really endless. It is only up to you to choose.

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Happy Children’s Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Happy Children’s Day in 2022?” can’t be answered in some words. Why? – The matter is that some corners of the planet prefer to have their own individual celebrations. Some countries of the world have the holiday like this one, but on different days of the year. Let’s take, for example, Brazil and Mexico.

In Brazil it is organized annually on October 12, together with the Feast of the Apparition of the Virgin. Usually, the day before the holiday, festive events, such as a masquerade or a big concert, are held in kindergartens and schools. October 12 is a day off, which simultaneously means that local parents completely devote the whole day to their kids: they take them to the park, cinema, and playgrounds. Brazilian kids are very relaxed and artistic. Also we can’t but mention that the local families usually have more than one child. True, modern young parents still have a definite tendency to have no more than one or two children, unlike previous generations, when having five or six children in a family was the norm.

In Mexico, kids are loved and spoilt. This is evidenced by at least the fact that Mexican children have their own special day of the year – Children’s Day, celebrated on April 30. Traditionally, on this day, all kids receive gifts from parents and relatives. Large children’s centers, theaters and game rooms prepare holiday programs for young visitors, the obligatory numbers of which are music, dance, costume performances, games. Mexican children, like all children in the world, love to dress up and play outdoor games. A lot of children come to the holiday in national costumes and, of course, in sombrero! And for visitors who are under 12 years old, admission is usually free.


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