International Piercing Day

On June 28, all lovers of body modification celebrate Piercing day. On this day, Jim Ward was born, who opened the world’s first professional piercing salon “The Glove” in 1978.

Safe and aesthetic piercing

Although earlobe and nose piercing has been a practice of some peoples for centuries, it was Ward who did piercing safe and aesthetic. He also started making jewelry that took the form of fixed rings and bars with internal threads. Jim did not develop these designs himself. He took the idea from his friend from Germany and spread it, independently developing the design of gold and silver products.

Modern masters of body modification consider the opening of Jim Ward’s studio to be the first stage in the development and popularization of tattooing and piercing.

Are there complications from piercing?

Despite the fact that piercing is part of surgical interventions, the number of complications from it is only 0.1% per year from the number of all clients around the world.

International Piercing Day
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