You guess, what cats hate the most? Taking a shower, grooming, trimming claws, loud sounds, the other cats, every human on the face of the earth? Alas, this already impressive list includes one more hateful thing which is a… physical contact. Indeed, it’s barely imaginable that a kitty will be in ecstasy over the endless cuddles, belly rubbings, gentle pats, and squeezes. Not to make unsubstantiated statements, we’ve looked over the photos in the social networks of the owners depicted with their feline pets, and what’d we see? Despair, fury, loathing, blood lust flashing in their (cats, obviously) eyes.

Okay, probably, we’re laying it on thick but there is a grain of truth – the furballs do not like to be bothered by the man’s hand. That’s why we find it really weird that there’s a holiday of a national status encouraging people to give the tightest and the most passionate embrace to their fluffy lords. When is Hug Your Cat Day in 2022 and why do we (and they) need this?

National Hug Your Cat Day 2017


No matter what, the cat is one of the most favorable and widespread pet. It actually lives with the human since the ancient times. The archeological dig, carried out on the lands of Cyprus, revealed a grave in which were placed the remains of a man and a cat. Apparently, the animal was killed to lie forever by its master side. However, the most interesting fact is that this burial site dates back to 7500 B.C! And if before the discovery the domestication of the cats was supposed to take place around 2000 B.C, after that the scientists shifted the date to 9500 B.C.

The region called the Fertile Crescent is known as the site where the ancient human civilizations originated. It’s also the very place where the cats became the part of the folks’ everyday life. Going over to the settled life form and developing agriculture, the man needed to protect the food from rodents. That’s why he tamed the animal and kept it as a pet.

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But the cats are not so simple. Considering their unbeaten independence, the researchers suggested a theory of the cat joining the man on its own. It seems quite logical: the ancient settlements were always full of synanthropic species. Having found an opportune resource of food, the cat localized among the humans offering a mutually beneficial living. This also explains the following fact: residing next to people for the thousands of years, this domesticated feline can easily return to the wild cat life form. Which theory do you believe in? Though sometimes, a sheer defiance in the cat’s eyes pushes us to the last one!

Today, there are about 600 millions of the cats idly sprawling on the windowsills and plotting the revenge on their housemates. Around 200 breeds have been raised, from the furriest balls to the lacking of coat creatures. Nevertheless, every little one of them seems to be so sweet that we can’t pass by without the slightest stroke or the welcoming meow (takes a lot of restraint not to allow ourselves more). How do they do that? Obviously, even the meanest cats brim over with an innate magnetism.

Proceeding to the main issue, what is the date of Hug Your Cat Day 2022? It will be on June 4!


What does Hug You Cat Day mean? This means the expression of your deepest affection and sincere love for these wayward family members. Although we’re sure, you do it for every day of your life with the cat, this day is special anyway. The whole world is absorbed in pampering the kitties, squeezing them, rubbing their ears and gently pulling on their whiskers.

Basically, the proud feline can say nothing against your insistent pestering because, well, it’s a long-established tradition. But please, for your own safety, try to bring the news of what day Hug Your Cat Day in 2022 falls on beforehand. Give it a taste of what’s to come by training it to the frequent acts of devoting attention. You’ll like the holiday a lot, your cat might not!

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Since this day is about hugs and cuddles, which cats are not the fans of, there has to be some kind of benefit for the human. The scientists proved that the cat lovers are at smaller risk for heart diseases and less prone to cancer. This comes from a strong immune system that is boosted due to the living together with the pets. Moreover, the children growing up with the four-legged friend catch a cold once in a blue moon.

By the way, stroking the purring body leads to reducing the blood pressure, calm breathing and heart rate smoothing. These animals are very fond of warmth and note the temperature difference quite well, so if you have an inflamed knee joint and a cat strolling around, be sure it’s planning on to lie down over your leg. They are really able to soothe the pain of that sort and oftentimes called “little doctors”.

On top of that, we get a slew of positive emotions not only by watching and communicating with the cats (could we say the same about them?) but also by looking at the kitties’ pictures and drawing them on paper. You had a bad day? Then think of a furry baby nesting in your house and waiting for your coming back from work, although here we’d skip the details of waiting for feeding. Recall its sweetest smell and softest hair and feel your mood improving significantly. Say Yes to cat and No to depression!

Fix in mind firmly, when is National Hug Your Cat Day 2022, and get those positive vibes right out of your cat. But don’t press too hard, the sharp claws are always there.

National Hug Your Cat Day


How to celebrate this day filled with love and tenderness?

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First of all, hug your cat and, as a compensation for distress and inconvenience, treat it to its favorite food. You can try an unusual recipe which your pet should like: a baked mix of mashed sardines, milk and wheat germ in the shape of balls. Also, you remember that cats are crazy about the boxes, do you? Then stock up on the square cardboard things of various sizes and make a cat maze.

Spend the day with your beloved friend and strive for indulging its caprices. However, don’t forget about your hugging advantages, too. If you want to fold the cat in your arms, start with the slow blink at the animal. Yep, just like that. It must help breaking the ice as this sign literally says “I love you” in the language of cats.

If you’re not lucky to have a furball of happiness, maybe it’s high time to think of getting yourself one? There has to be a cat shelter in your town, so you can either become a little kitty’s foster father/mother or show up on the weekends and play with a chosen one. Besides, the shelters are usually in need of constant donations. This might be a good way of celebrating Hug Your Cat Day as well.

Hug Your Cat Day Facts

  • Some people prefer to observe the holiday on May 3 as Chase’s Calendars of Events proclaims the date.
  • June is also Take a Cat From a Shelter month.
  • There’s an official hashtag of the holiday widely used in the social networks #NATIONALHUGYOURCATDAY. Check out the pictures!
  • If you are one of the dog people, June 4 is not an excuse to hug your pet once more. You’d better wait for your own day called Hug Your Hound Day.

So, mark in your calendar, when is National Hug Your Cat Day in 2022, and be sure to settle down to living-with-a-cat life before the date. For those who already have the purring creature, we’d wish a happy (and safe) Hug Your Cat Day!


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