International Day of the Deaf

Every year on the Sunday that ends the last full week of September, the world is held International Day of the Deaf. It is dedicated to all people who have hearing problems.

This day was started in 1951. It was then that the International Federation of the Deaf was founded. According to statistics, there is an average of 1 person per 100 people who is a carrier of the deafness gene. This means that many of us may be at risk.

The first school for the deaf was founded in 1760 by a Frenchman, Abbé de l’Eppe in Paris. Thanks to him, the deaf learned to communicate using facial expressions and gestures.

Deafness is not an obstacle to establishing social relations or new acquaintances. Many of the deaf people became prominent people. For example, the composer Beethoven, the writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the artist Antonio Stanioli, the writer Victor Hugo are all known. These people made a great contribution to the cultural heritage of mankind.

In Ukraine, the Society of the Deaf began its existence in 1933. As a member of the UN, UNESCO, WHO and ILO, Ukraine joined the World Federation of the Deaf in 1959.

International Day of the Deaf
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