Franchise Recognition Day

It was decided to celebrate August 31 in the USA Franchise Recognition Day. The purpose of this holiday is to increase the awareness of customers about the purchase of products in franchise stores, as well as an expression of gratitude for stimulating business development.

History of Franchise Recognition Day

It was decided to celebrate this date for the first time in 2011. Big discounts, promotions, sales and accrual of bonuses to regular customers were timed for it.

The number of franchise enterprises increases every year. Today, more than 120 of their types are identified, including the automotive industry, fitness, cleaning, animal care, etc.

How do you spend this day?

In addition to thanking customers, franchisors share their business development experience with entrepreneurs who are just starting to develop their own brand. It will be instructive to hear the stories of such grand franchises as McDonald’s, Golden Krust Bakery, Subway and many others. In Ukraine, the most popular franchises are Pizza Celentano Ristorante, Aroma Kava, Tez Tour, Novus, Sushi Wok, etc.

Franchise Recognition Day
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