International Day of Credit Unions

Every year on the third Thursday of October, the world celebrates International Day of Credit Unions. This official holiday has existed for a long time. This day was first celebrated on January 17, 1927 at the initiative of the American League of Credit Unions in Massachusetts, but the tradition did not find active support. In 1948, at the suggestion of the National Association of Credit Unions of the United States of America, the celebration was revived and set for the third Thursday of October every year.

During the celebration, charity events, fairs, an open house at financial institutions, outdoor picnics, parades and volunteer activities take place. Every year, the International Day of Credit Unions is held under a new slogan.

Today, such unions operate in 88 countries of the world and are an attractive alternative to banking institutions. The purpose of the celebration is to remember the positive financial consequences of the work of the unions, to inform the world community about the achievements, successes, and peculiarities of the work of such credit institutions. The organizers of the holiday are the World Council and the National Association of Credit Unions.

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