The beginning of the Christmas fast

Every year on the eve of Christmas in Orthodoxy, fasting begins, which lasts 40 days: from November 28 to January 6, that is why it is called Pentecost in the church statute. The second name is Philip’s fast (it begins immediately after the celebration of the memory of the holy apostle Philip). The purpose of fasting is to prepare believers for the great holiday – Christmas.

Christmas fasting is not considered strict compared to other fasting. Meat, eggs and dairy products are strictly prohibited. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, wine, fish and food with oil cannot be consumed. The oil is used every Tuesday and Thursday. The permission to taste fish is valid during major holidays and weekends, and if the holiday falls on a Wednesday or Friday, only wine and oil are allowed, but not fish. 3 On January 2, fasting becomes stricter: eating fish on any day of the week is prohibited. All church events are allowed, except for weddings.

The beginning of the Christmas fast
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