International Bird Day (Ornithologist’s Day)

Every year on April 1, an ecological and at the same time professional holiday of ornithologists is celebrated – International Bird Day. In Ukraine, which was then part of the USSR, the event was celebrated for the first time in 1924. The date of the celebration was chosen in honor of the signing of the International Convention for the Protection of Birds in 1902.

IN International Bird Day everyone willingly hangs houses and feeders for birds. April 1 is the day of the meeting of birds that fly from warm regions and the day of thanksgiving for the hard work of ornithologists, because they are the ones who know everything about birds.

Interesting facts about birds

  • Almost 11,000 species of birds are known.
  • Birds have a heart rate of 400 beats per minute at rest and about 1,000 in flight.
  • The only bird without wings is the kiwi.

International Bird Day (Ornithologist's Day)


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