Could you answer the question “When is World Lupus Day in 2022?” – As a rule, the reply is negative and, of course, it is a good thing. Why? – You see in fact the proper answer can be immediately given only by the people, who are suffering from this disease or by the specialists dealing with this problem. But even in this situation it is recommended to know about this day existence. However, let’s start from the very beginning. If you want to know, what day World Lupus Day in 2022 is, you will get a quick answer. – It will be on May 10. The date is considered to be fixed, which means that it is the same from year to year. As a rule, this the day in which people learn more about this chronic autoimmune disease. But we would like to speak about this medical problem in details. Why? – The matter is that all around the world the total number of patients with lupus is about 5 million. It sounds really scary, doesn’t it?

At the very beginning we want to mention that Lupus usually appears at the women much more often than at men. The so-called “man-woman” disease ratio is 9:1 correspondingly. And it has been already proved by Dr. Howard R. Smith, which is considered to be a famous rheumatologist of Cleveland Clinic (Ohio, USA), that lupus’s more often diagnosed in childbearing age ladies.

World Lupus Day 2017

Some common disease symptoms

We are sure that it is impossible to answer the question “When is World Lupus Day 2022?” properly without mentioning some most common and frequent disease symptoms. Until the late nineteenth century, this disease had been called a lupus erythematosus. Why? – The matter is that the huge rash appearing on the patient’s face, resembled wolf bites, and the world “lupus” can be translated like “wolf” from Latin. In the course of time it turned out that the disease affects not only the skin but also the internal organs. That is the reason why “system” is often used together with the disease name. It means that it’s affecting the entire body.

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In accordance with specialists’ point of view, Lupus’s considered to be an autoimmune disease. – It develops due to the fact that the immune system cells take the tissue of native organism like foreign ones and attack them. Frankly speaking, Lupus is not the only disease with such a nature, but unfortunately is among the most insidious ones. For example, such autoimmune disease such as, for example, rheumatoid arthritis, affects primarily the joints and autoimmune thyroiditis “beats” only the thyroid. However, according to its nature Lupus can also damage many organs, nervous system and lungs.

There is a huge amount of variants of systemic lupus. In some patients, it debuts acutely, and they suffer from severe pain in the joints, the sharp temperature rise, the increasing in lymph nodes and the appearance of some rash mostly on the patient’s nose and cheeks. As a rule, according to its shape a rash set resembles a butterfly. In some cases the mark can be in other parts of body, but a “butterfly” is most often associated with lupus. In others the disease appears gradually: initially, patients complain of weakness and general fatigue, a small rise in temperature and a few months later they’ll have other symptoms.

As it was mentioned above women suffer from systemic lupus erythematosus in 9-11 times more often than men. And in this case the disease debut usually falls on the youth and adolescence period. It means at puberty, when the sudden hormonal changes occur in the female body.

The trouble is that sometimes it is not possible to understand all the symptoms immediately. But it has been known well that there is a genetic predisposition. But whether it will be realized depends on the combination of other factors and even nowadays it is impossible to take into account all of them. In addition to hormonal fluctuations, it may be caused by different stressful events, viral infections as well as taking certain medications.

Important role is played by excessive sun exposure. It is known that, or example, in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia the sun is more active and it simultaneously means that people can suffer from it more often than in Russia, which is arranged nearby. And the same explanation can be for that fact that in today’s Spain, the prevalence and severity of the disease is higher than in Scandinavia. That is why if you are looking for the answer to the question “What is the date of Word Lupus Day 2022?” in southern regions people’ll reply properly more often.

What are the perspectives and prevention?

According to the specialists’ point of view, nowadays we have a rather perspective time for lupus research. It is hoped that new drugs’ll be more effective and the range of side effects will be much smaller. Although researchers are still working to develop the best medicines, some of the steps can be done by patients even now.

World Lupus Day

For example, scientists are sure that lupus patients should not smoke. Smoking’s dangerous for these patients, as it has a dangerous effect on the blood vessels. Fat red meat and fried foods are also able to harmful the patience condition. But at the same time it is important to use such products as fruits, different vegetables and so-called whole grains, as they eliminate the heart diseases, which are considered to be rather harmful at patients suffering from lupus.

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Asa rule the type of rest is chosen individually and depends on the person. Some can work full time, while others find it rather tiring. In addition, joining a special support group can help patients to share the difficulties with doctors and patients with the same problems.

Is there any lupus treatment?

Today the using of glucocorticoids – hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs is considered to be the gold standard of lupus treatment. This medicine is used to treat all forms of Lupus, but at an acute stage the dose is significantly higher than in the case of subacute or chronic ones.

When is Lupus Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems. But people suffering with this disease should change their being dramatically. They have to keep a special regime in everyday life. These men and women are not recommended to sunbathe, to drink alcohol, to vaccinate and to smoke. You should also try to avoid hypothermia, colds and viral diseases.


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