International Archives Day

June 9 is celebrated International Archives Day. It was approved in 2007. It was on June 9, 1948 that the International Council of Archives (ICA) appeared. Now it includes about 1,700 representatives from different countries.

The holiday calls for the dissemination, preservation and development of the international heritage of mankind. Informationwhich is contained in the archives, contributes to the solution of economic and social problems of countries and helps to leave important data about the past of our world.

What is an archive?

The holiday is not purely professional, it also has a memorable meaning. After all, archives are:

  • Documents that have historical, non-temporary and legal value.
  • Cultural heritage and information resource.
  • Certificate of economic, political, social development of mankind.

The purpose of the International Archives Day

The purpose of the International Day of Archives there is an increased awareness of the need for proper record keeping among both managers and average employees. The day is designed to remind that archives should be open and accessible to everyone.

International Archives Day
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