Holiday of Human Light (Day of Inner Light)

December 23 is celebrated The holiday of human lightor Day of inner light. This unusual day was started in 2001. It is not religious in nature, so it can be celebrated by representatives of all nationalities, religions and denominations. The organizers consider the purpose of the holiday to be a reminder of the need to focus on such eternal values ​​as compassion, kindness, loyalty, mutual aid, determination and responsibility.

The term “light” is used in the context not of a higher supernatural mind, but of ordinary human awareness that everything in this world is interconnected. What a person gives in terms of thoughts, emotions and actions always returns to him in a multiplied form. Therefore, it is better to do good deeds and radiate the light of your soul than to sow destruction around you.

Traditionally, four candles of different colors should be lit on this day in honor of hope, compassion, reason and humanity. It is also necessary to engage in charity and wish good to everyone on the planet with all your heart.

  • The holiday has a symbol that looks like three human figures against a background of sunlight and three colors – gold, blue and red. Some people choose candles of these shades, adding a fourth white candle in honor of humanity.

Holiday of Human Light (Day of Inner Light)
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