Frankenstein’s Day

The last Friday of October in the USA and Great Britain celebrates the day of Frankenstein, who is the main character of the novel “Frankenstein, or Modern Prometheus”. The author of this terrible story was a young girl Mary Shelley, who later also wrote a book about the protection of women’s rights. Having experienced many tragedies in her life, she died early after giving birth, but her characters live on the screens to this day.

Interesting facts related to the novel:

  • Mary claimed that she saw her heroes in a dream.
  • Scholars still dispute the authorship of the book, attributing it to Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  • The novel about Victor Frankenstein was written as a result of the match. Mary then won against Percy Shelley, Byron and John Polidori.
  • The first film about Frankenstein was shot by Thomas Edison. The film was silent, black and white and lasted only 15 minutes. Later, the mad scientist and his monster appeared on the screens in more than 170 films.
  • The image of Frankenstein’s monster prompted Stan Lee to create the Hulk.
  • Most people call the monster himself Frankenstein, but according to the author’s plan, he didn’t even have a name.

Frankenstein's Day
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