Exaltation of the Lord’s Cross (fasting)

Orthodox Christians of the Eastern churches celebrate September 27 Exaltation of the Lord’s Cross. Ever since the Middle Ages, his glorification has been equated with Good Friday – the day when Jesus Christ was executed. On this day, believers had to observe a strict fast.

By restraining oneself from something, a person develops willpower, cleanses himself of sins and improves spiritually. It was prayers and fasting that gave Jesus Christ strength before going to Galilee. Christians follow this tradition to this day, because it is the best opportunity to focus and get closer to God.

People who cannot give up food, such as those who are pregnant or sick, can abstain from something partially in order to concentrate their attention on the Lord as much as possible. You must pray during fasting.

Fasting helps to overcome anger, evil and lies in oneself, giving hope of receiving earthly goods. In no way should it bring suffering – Christians should be happy and smiling.

Postcards for the Exaltation

Exaltation of the Lord's Cross (fasting)


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