Each person who starts a new work or training needs help at the first beginning. He can manage a new project himself, but the result can be delayed. The process can be simplified by someone other’s help. The need of such support is clear to everybody who starts a new part of work. It is obvious that it is very difficult to find a person who is able to provide a good training and support. Some countries started a new holiday when mentors are paid attention to. Besides, the USA initiated even a whole month devoted to mentoring. When is National Mentor Day in 2022?What events are often included into the schedule?


The tradition of observing this day and later month was initiated in the Harvard School. The organizers proposed to start an event that is to involve people into the common support without any attachment to concrete spheres.

This event was initiated in 2002. The organizers decided to make the whole month a Mentor Month. The organization the National Mentoring Partnership was initiated by R.Chambers and G.Boisi. Those initiators proposed to gather a special group which could have a deal with students. The men even got an award from NCLC (the National Child Labor Committee) for their idea. The aim of the Mentor Day and Month was to show the importance of coordinating the pairing of students and mentors.

Mentor Day

The organization was started in Boston. Later it spread throughout the USA. The idea was caught by other non-profit organizations. They started to take part in that celebration and proposed events.

In 2002 the campaign was approved by the Congress and the President. That occasion was officially proclaimed the National Mentoring Day. The occasion became the idea of this festive month. Many media corporations became the partners of the occasion.

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The responsibility for providing this day in many states was appointed to governing organizations. Activities are coordinated by many agencies. Volunteers also were widely involved into the occasion. It is important to know what day World Mentor Day in 2022 is. It is appointed on the October 27th.


What does National Mentor Day mean for students and their mentors? The idea was to encourage people to help each other. The support can help students or people who start any studying and career to manage their problems and serious situations which can spoil their mood and make their further success very uncertain.

The US community accepts the idea and makes various events to participate in the occasion. The importance of the idea is understood by many schools and colleges which provide the days of mentoring. These days can develop skills of cooperation. Such partnership helps many organizations to train new employees in a short period of time. It makes training process more productive.

Mentors are chosen from the staff. These people are usually the most educated or experienced. They are real specialists who can give their experience to other persons. Mentors usually don’t have any special fee. Nevertheless, their benefit can be discussed beforehand. Companies prefer to involve their experienced employees into the process of mentoring in order to shorten a probation period. The result of such cooperation is really impressive.

The idea of the date and the whole month gives the participants the most useful and productive ways of developing the process of work with the help of mentoring. It also helps to involve more people into this way of the partnership. The majority of participants get acquainted with their mentors. They also can sign into amentoring group. Financial contribution is also accepted on the date. When is International Mentor Day 2022? The occasion is held on the October 27th. The whole month is set from the 1st to the 31st of January.

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The definition of the event is usually hard to be understood by people who don’t know English or have never met the mentoring process. The term can be defined as a person who gives a certain mental support and lessons.

In the sphere of education the term is used to describe a person who helps a student to struggle a subject or topic. The definition is also used for people who help students to study at home. The most accepted definition of the term in the US reality concerns the organization of the working process in companies. It is a person who can give professional instructions in a concrete field.

The English vocabularies propose another definition. It is a specialist who deals with a group of children who study at school or college. He doesn’t give knowledge to them. His obligations concern their breeding and discipline. A mentor must meet parents and give them information about the children’s progress in studying. He also controls problems connected with the process of studying or discipline.

Private tutoring also exists, though it isn’t considered to carry a great educative role. This phenomenon has got many problems as every shadow system. The statistics says that it is better to choose regular schooling than shadow tutoring. What is the date of National Mentor Day 2022? It is on the October 27th.


There is a tradition to make the whole session devoted to the Mentor Day. The program lasts for 2 or 3 days. Sometimes it lasts for a week. The US government accepts January as the whole month to be devoted to the idea of mentoring.

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The best way to spend January is to find any program and to become a volunteer. Every educational establishment takes part in the event. There’s no difficulty to find the suitable festivity. Another way to celebrate the date is to provide support to the local youth.

Mentor Day Cloud

Another way of observing the event is to share your story which is connected with mentoring in the internet or during the friendly meetings. Online conversation is usually set on the date. It means that

The usual program consists of such steps:

  • A training;
  • Kickoff and breakfast;
  • An optional registration;
  • Opening plenary;
  • Breakout sessions in the morning;
  • General session.

The materials of the session can be used by participants in their work. There are several ways to express gratitude to mentors:

  1. To send email or a festive card.
  2. To phone him or her and tell congratulations.
  3. To buy him a cake or another dessert or a cup of coffee.
  4. To present a common photo.

Every individual can provide his own tradition devoted to the event. There are many other ways to celebrate the occasion. The events can be found in the internet. “When is Mentor Day in 2022, calendar of events?”

International Mentor Day Facts

The role of mentoring was studied in 2006 by the American research firm. The results show the benefit of the process:

  1. Almost 30% of the staff who became mentors got the higher salary. Their career rapidly grew too.
  2. Retention rates for people who accepted the idea of mentoring wee higher than for other workers.
  3. The participants are promoted several times more than other employees and employers.


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