Day of the optimist

What is this event?

Day of the optimist is an international holiday celebrated on the first Thursday of February. Every year, organizations of optimists around the world hold voluntary actions, during which they inspire young people with enthusiasm, teach them new skills, and help to reveal their talents. And all this with one goal – to ensure a future full of happiness and optimism.

How the idea of ​​celebrating the Day came about an optimist?

The initiators of this holiday were members of the Optimist Club of America back in 1909. First Day of optimists was celebrated on April 1, when instead of the usual jokes, people were encouraged to do good deeds that would ensure an optimistic future. Thus, for decades the holiday was held in April.

This holiday originally from the United States of America began to spread rapidly throughout the world. As the organization quickly became international. Entire communities are being created to support young people of all ages. They also coordinate with other volunteer organizations, making the future brighter for all concerned.

At the beginning of 2013, one of the members of the International Optimist Club (Optimist International) in Canada presented a resolution “On the recognition of the Day of Optimists in Quebec”, according to which the date of celebration fell on the first Thursday of February. Four years later, namely in 2017, the organization’s communities around the world joined the celebration of Optimist Day.

When asked why the first Thursday of February was chosen, one of the members of the International Optimist Club said that the reason is quite simple: the meeting of the organization begins in February, which is when the resolution was announced.

Members of the International Club of Optimists promote ideas and make certain efforts to help and recognize those people who instill optimism in the hearts of others through any good deeds. It can be any kind of financial assistance or arrangement of events for the annual celebration. Also honored are efforts aimed at educating and encouraging young people to make positive changes, helping to reveal the talents of people who have lost hope in life or do not know how to live on.

Optimist’s Day is not only a member’s holiday International Club of Optimistsanyone can celebrate it by joining the initiative to improve the outlook on the future among their friends, acquaintances and relatives.

International Club of Optimists

The international organization was founded by the union of individual optimist clubs in 1919 in Louisville, Kentucky. The history of the first local club of optimists begins in 1911 in Buffalo, New York. The first official charter of the International Club of Optimists, founded in 1916, was adopted at a convention held in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

The year 2000 was a turning point in the history of the organization. Following the results of the International Convention in Reno, Nevada, the inaugural International Junior Bowling Championship was held there. Young men fought for the right to be called “Champion of Optimists”.

In July 2001, optimists found themselves in the White House, pledging to support US President George W. Bush’s goal of teaching one million children to play bowling. President Optimist International Bob Garner called the meeting “another great example” of optimists bringing out the best in children.

Also in 2001, the International Club of Optimists launched a campaign against childhood cancer. The goal of the event was to provide awareness and support for children battling cancer and help with the challenges their families face. In 2004, the organization raised $1 million for medical research at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

In 2005, a new status appeared in the organization – “Friend of Optimists”. This type of membership allows people to support the mission of the organization without joining a club. Also in 2005, the Optimist golf program was launched to support young players between the ages of 14 and 18.

Another achievement of the organization of optimists is the protection of the younger generation from threats that they could encounter on the Internet. Taking into account the fact that every year the users of the World Wide Web became younger, in 2008 the development of a whole Internet safety program for children began.

Today, there are more than 80,000 individual members in nearly 3,000 autonomous clubs in 20 countries. Optimists conduct 65,000 service projects each year, serving six million young people. Optimists also spend $78 million annually on their communities.

Credo of the Optimists

“Promise yourself
To be so strong that nothing could disturb your peace of mind.
Talk to every person you meet: about health, happiness and well-being.
Do everything possible to make all your friends feel that each of them has something special.
To see the positive side of everything and do everything possible to make your best intentions come true.
Think only of the best, work only for improvement and hope for the best.
Rejoice in other people’s successes, as well as your own.
Leave thoughts about mistakes in the past, and do everything possible today to achieve greater success in the future.
Always be cheerful and give others your smile.
Devote so much time to self-improvement that there is no time left to criticize others.
To be unattainable for worry, too noble for anger, strong enough not to succumb to fear, and infinitely happy to leave no chance for trouble.”

Day of the optimist in history

  • 1911
    The first club of optimists was created in Buffalo, New York.
  • 1916
    The optimists club was formed in Indianapolis. The beginning of the nationwide Optimist movement.
  • 2001
    The International Club of Optimists launched a campaign against childhood cancer.
  • 2005
    The organization has a new status – “Friend of Optimists”. This type of membership allows people to support the mission of the organization without joining a club.
  • 2008
    Development of a program to protect the young generation from threats they may encounter on the Internet.
  • 2017
    Optimist organizations around the world joined in the celebration of Optimist Day.

How to celebrate Day of the optimist?

Since this holiday is dedicated to optimists who are trying to change the future of our world for the better, on this day it is worth evaluating their dedication to their idea and letting them know how important they are to society. People who give of their time and energy to help others need to know that other people admire their hard work and dedication.

Others should also be encouraged to participate in public actions aimed at improving the world. Find out about the nearest community of the International Optimist Club. Join their promotions and projects.

In 2021, members of “Optimist International” sold wall calendars in order to use the funds received to support the youth participating in the club.

Postcards on Day of the optimist

Happy Optimist's Day!  I wish you optimism!  |  Greeting card - Postcards for Optimist's Day

I wish you optimism!  I wish you optimism!  |  Greeting card - Postcards for Optimist's Day

Happy Optimist's Day!  I wish you optimism!  |  Greeting card - Postcards for Optimist's Day

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When will we celebrate Day of the optimist?

Year Date Weekday
2021 February 4 Thursday
2022 February 3 Thursday
2023 February 2 Thursday
2024 February 1 Thursday
2025 February 6 Thursday

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