International vulture day

Traditionally, the whole world celebrates on the first Saturday of September International vulture day. The event was founded by English and South African wildlife conservation funds, joining forces to protect vultures, which are threatened with global extinction.

Celebrating International Vulture Day helps to raise awareness of the important role of birds in the environment, to highlight the problems they face and to inform about the organization of measures to preserve their populations.

  • These unique birds support the ecological cleanliness of wildlife by acting as waste disposers. They eat the carcasses of dead animals, protecting the environment from the spread of infectious diseases.

The main threat to vultures is human activity. Of the 23 species of birds that exist in the world, 16 are considered semi-extinct or vulnerable to extinction. In Asia and Africa, the number of vultures has decreased by 90%.

A special website has been created in honor of the International Day of the vulture, on which environmental organizations from around the world highlight information about the measures taken to preserve these birds, keep statistics of their number in their region, familiarize themselves with the activities of their colleagues, agree on the development of joint projects in order to prevent extinction of birds, extremely important for the ecosystem.

International vulture day
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