Day of incompatible colors in clothes

It is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of January Day of incompatible colors in clothesor Clashing Clothes Day – a celebration of non-standard solutions, original combinations and a real color battle.

Every day, we dress so that the outfit fits, whether it’s going to work, on vacation, or to a formal event. But it is on this day that the colors come into battle. Stylists have long learned to combine unusual shades in clothes. Fashion changes every season, but one thing remains unchanged – experiments.

The history of the creation of the holiday is unknown, but this event is a good opportunity to create a bow of bright colors, without worrying that someone might call it bad taste. On this day, avoid neutral shades in clothes, forget about white and black. Trendy original color combinations: green and red, orange with blue or purple. Such combinations will not leave you without attention, and will also add confidence and courage.

Day of incompatible colors in clothes
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