Tatiana’s Day (Saint Tatiana of Rome)

What day is it?

Tatyana’s day celebrated every year on January 25. Tatyana, on the occasion of which this January date is celebrated, is a Roman great martyr. In addition, she patronizes students and young people in general. The holiday is rich in history and traditions, which you can read about in this post.

How the idea of ​​the celebration came about Tatyana’s Day?

The date of the celebration, namely January 25, was chosen with a specific purpose – to draw attention to the service and suffering of the great martyr to whom this day is dedicated. After all, if you believe the folk tales, it was on this day that she was brutally tortured and executed by her persecutors.

Roman Great Martyr

The life of the great martyr Tatyana took place in those days when pagans fanatically persecuted Christians. They were tortured and brutally destroyed. Our heroine has been a Christian since childhood. She was brought up in the spirit of humility and helping people. When she came of age, she became a servant in one of the Christian temples of Rome, where she cared for seriously ill people.

Even at a young age, a devout Christian was captured by pagans, where she was subjected to cruel torture. However, God protected his faithful servant and healed her wounds by morning. Then there was an attempt to feed the girl to a hungry lion. This was a common type of execution, carried out in a large arena with a huge number of spectators.

But the persecutors of the Great Martyr Tatyana were amazed when they saw that the animal sat meekly at her feet and gently licked them. Next was an attempt to destroy the girl in the fire, but she did not burn in the flame. The saint’s persecutors had no choice but to plunge a sword into her heart.

Students’ Day?

Student’s Day on Tatyana’s day noted mainly in the post-Soviet space. It so happened that the date of January 25 became important for Russian students. It was on this day that the Russian empress Elizabeth signed the order, which referred to the opening of the first university in Moscow. The founders of the educational institution were Mykhailo Lomonosov and Ivan Shuvalov. According to unofficial information, it was not by chance that Shuvalov presented the order for the empress to sign. It was on this day that his mother’s birthday fell, to whom he wanted to surprise by becoming the curator of Moscow University.

Many years later, the church of St. Tatiana was created in the old building of the educational institution, and the Great Martyr herself was proclaimed the patroness of students. It is believed that she helps them in their studies. The holiday began to be celebrated in the middle of the 19th century, at first only by students of Moscow University, and later by students of all educational institutions of the Russian Empire.

For some time in Ukraine, it was also customary to celebrate the student’s day on Tatyana’s Day, but recently this day has confidently moved to November 17, when the International and Ukrainian Students’ Day is celebrated.

How to celebrate Tatyana’s Day?

The holiday has a rich history, so it is not surprising that the traditions of its celebration, which were formed over centuries, have secular and church significance.

Folk customs of celebration

The common people have always observed the celebration Tatyana’s day. Women did general cleaning on this day; it was also believed that a girl born on January 25 would be a good housewife. Older women baked huge loaves in the shape of the sun. The sun had a special place in the celebration of this day. It was believed that by climbing the highest hill and making a wish, looking at the sun, you can be sure that it will come true.

On this day, believers visited churches to light candles for success in their studies or their loved ones. Today, on this day, services dedicated to the holy great martyr Tetiana are held in churches.

Signs and beliefs on Tatyana’s Day

  • If on January 25 at Tatyana’s day bright sun appeared in the morning, which means that the birds will fly from the nest in early spring.
  • A gloomy and snowy day is a harbinger of a wet and rainy summer. And if there is not a cloud in the sky, and the thermometer is below zero, it means that you should expect a big harvest in the fall.
  • If Tatiana’s day is full of snow, then February will be cold and frosty.
  • Frost on January 25 portends large harvests, and a strong south wind means that autumn will be unproductive and hungry.
  • Students on this day have a big taboo to open, study or even touch notes. Instead, you should celebrate and have fun.
  • There are many signs associated with baking a holiday loaf. For example, if a bump formed in the middle during baking, it is a sign of good luck and success in life. If the surface of the cake is smooth and without defects, then life will be calm this year, without troubles. The burnt crust was intended for the birthday girl. Tasting her, she was ready to be calm about all the decisions of fate.

Postcards for Tatyana’s Day

Happy Angel Day to all Tetians!  |  Greeting card - Cards for Tatyana's Day

Happy Angel Day to all Tetians!  |  Greeting card - Cards for Tatyana's Day

Happy Tatiana's Day!  |  Greeting card - Cards for Tatyana's Day

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When will we celebrate Tatyana’s Day?

Year Date Weekday
2021 January 25 Sunday
2022 January 25 Monday
2023 January 25 Tuesday
2024 January 25 Wednesday
2025 January 25 Friday

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