International day of twins

It is traditionally celebrated on the first weekend of August International day of twins. On this day, it is customary to welcome twins – twins, triplets, etc. Events have been held annually every August since 1976.

International Twins Day in history

The festival was founded by a group of Twinsburg, Ohio residents led by Ray Dersing and Ari Hiller. The ideological inspirations of the holiday are a pair of identical twins – Moses and Aaron Wilcox. They bought 4,000 acres of land in 1819, 6 of which they decided to donate to the construction of a school, on the condition that the old and sad name of the town of Millsville be changed to Twinsburg (literally, “city of twins”).

150 years later, a party was held to celebrate the city’s 200th anniversary, attended by 36 pairs of twins. Seeing the potential of the holiday, local residents decided to make it an annual event.

How to celebrate International Twins Day

International day of twins gathers thousands of participants from all US states and other countries. Over the years, certain traditions have been formed during the festival. The main rule of the holiday is that all identical twins must wear the same clothes. It applies to people of any age. The annual festival is attended by many scientists who use the presence of thousands of twins to conduct voluntary genetic research, for which they are rewarded.

International day of twins


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