Day of employees of RAGS bodies (RATSS)

In 2022, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine agreed to the Presidential Decree on the official establishment of the Day of Employees of the RAGS bodies on February 11. On this day, people who perform important work are now honored: they help change citizenship, surname or first name, process adoptions, births, deaths, search archives and, of course, conduct marriage ceremonies.

Employees of the RAC have a stressful and psychologically difficult job, because their activities relate to extremely important and not always positive events in a person’s life. In addition, the employees of the state registration of civil status acts bear great responsibility, so they need such personal qualities as attentiveness and concentration on the process under any circumstances.

Until 2022, the day of employees of the RAGS was unofficially celebrated on December 18.

Day of employees of RAGS bodies (RATSS)
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