When is National Boxing Day in 2024? Can you answer this question immediately and without any hesitations? As a rule, a lot of contemporary people are able to do it, as this holiday is considered to be very popular in many corners of the planet. However, under any conditions today we are going to represent it to you in details.


Talking about the matter what day Boxing Day in 2024 is, we can’t but mention the historical background of the event. As a rule, this topic is of the greatest demand among our followers.

All in all, taking into account the historians’ points of view, we should mention that there are several versions of how this holiday appeared in the contemporary calendar.

Here is the most common one. – The experts remind that in Great Britain, on the second one of Christmas, the family traditionally packed the remains of a festive dinner and simple items into boxes and carried them as a gift to the sick and the poor. Typically, the packing of gifts and presents in boxes were given to children, who then helped to distribute them to the poor.

On December 25, Protestants and Catholics from all around the world celebrate one of the main Christian holidays, the Nativity of Christ. According to Christmas traditions, on the night of December 24 to 25, Santa Claus puts gifts under the New Year tree. In the morning, when everyone wakes up, they begin to open boxes in which there are holiday gifts.

Under the conditions the family is large with some children the house is usually filled fast with a huge amount of empty boxes that children do not always rush to tidy up, because their attention is focused on the contents. Apparently, therefore, this one was initially called “Box Day”.

But why do we call it “Boxing Day”? – The answer is quite simple actually. – In such a way it sounds more harmonious. Here is an explanation!

Following another version, the name of the holiday was given because of boxes, which are used by recipients of gifts, when they are hurrying to the store in order to exchange the gift under the condition they haven’t liked it. As a rule, modern outlets provide such an opportunity within some days.


What does Boxing Day mean? – Well, to tell you the truth, we are not sure whether this special occasion means something for you or not. We have to know you personally to understand your personal attitude to this holiday. No matter what it is, we want to remind you something.

It is a holiday, which is celebrated in many different parts of the planet, especially in the UK as well as in some states of the British Commonwealth of Nations, for example, Australia (the whole continent), Canada (all parts), New Zealand (total country), exotic Kiribati and Samoa.

Up to the present moment it has a fixed date of its celebration and is held on December 26th annually.

Initially this holiday was not an official one. It got this status last century. A lot of contemporary men and women are sure that the combination of two such family holidays as Christmas and Boxing Day, does the best to improve the relationships between the family members of different ages. – People gather together on Christmas and have an additional daytime for spending it together.


Talking about the question “What is the date of Boxing Day in 2024?” we can’t but mention the peculiar features of this special occasion. All in all, this question is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight.

As you perhaps understand, there are a lot of versions concerning the origin of the holiday name. Actually, nowadays it is hardly possible to single out the only correct one. But here we should mention a common feature for all of them. – The matter is that in practice in countries where it is celebrated, people don’t usually focus on the origin itself. They prefer to take it as an additional day off and one of the good Catholic Christmas traditions.

By the way, each country has some peculiar variations of this holiday celebration. – For example, in Australia, it is also becoming an important sporting event (similar in intensity to ANZAC  ceremonies). As a rule, a spectacular test match is usually organized on the main cricket field in Melbourne. Sydney organizes the annual yacht race to Hobart and it is considered to be an icon of the Australian summer sports. Following the specialists’ point of view, it can compete in popularity with other ones, for instance with such high-profile events of the region as the Davis Cup (for tennis) and Melbourne Cup (for horse racing).


When is Boxing Day in 2024, calendar will surely remind you. There are no reasons for being worried that you will forget about it. As it has been already mentioned above the special occasion has a fixed date of its celebration. It is held on December 26th in some countries and it is one day after the Catholic Christmas, which is considered to be so popular all around the planet. Thus you will be reminded under any condition, won’t you?

Boxing Day is celebrated in many families, but it can be done in many different ways. Everything depends on the traditions in the family. There are people, who prefer to prepare some gifts for poor men and women, share them and enjoy the happiness they have brought. Others decide to devote December 26th to boxing or any other kinds of sports.

All in all it is only up to you to choose. However, there is one special thing, which should be dome for sure. – Try to spend this day in the circle of the close people.

Also we can’t but mention that nowadays, its hallmark is mostly represented with the giant sales, organized in large and small stores. Following the tradition, it is possible to purchase any item you would like just at half price. Well, as you perhaps understand people people enjoy this opportunity with a real pleasure.

Boxing Day Facts

Investigating the question “What is the date of Boxing Day in 2024?” we found out a great amount of the interesting pieces of information. Today we are going to share some of them with our readers.

The most amazing fact is that up to the present moment there are people who believe that the holiday appeared not because of the boxes as the containers for keeping various things, but the kind of sport, which is appreciated in many corners of the contemporary world. Why do they think in a way like this? – The matter is that following the old British tradition, people gathered together for the Christmas celebration, and boxing was among the favorite events of the particular program. Fights among professionals were indeed held on December 26th in a great number of African Commonwealth African countries. Some of them are even held in the modern world. It sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

Some experts explain the appearance of the holiday in another way. Following their point of view, in the old days, among the representatives of the aristocracy, it was decided to appreciate their vassals and servants and to give them gifts on December 26th. By the way those people also received a long expected day off on this day. It was a so-called thank you from the employers for being served on Christmas.

However, this is not everything, for course. By one more version on December 26, merchants gave out to everyone who worked for them (sellers, servants, clerks etc.) peculiar Christmas presents, represented usually with packages of delicious food and goodies. Up to the present moment some experts believe that this put the name of the holiday.


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