Assumption fast (beginning)

August 14 begins one of the shortest Orthodox fasts – Uspensky (popularly known as Spasivka). It always starts from this date and lasts 14 days, until August 28 – the Assumption of the Virgin.

This fast is dedicated to the holiday Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that is, the transition from earthly life to eternal life. Before falling asleep, the Mother of God did not stop praying, fasted, although she was considered innocent and had no need for it. She could connect with her son through the Divine spirit. It is for this reason that the Church calls on the faithful to glorify the Mother of God and ask for mercy in prayers, as well as, like her, to fast. This is the only fast during the entire church year that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The first reminders about Assumption fast dated to the 5th century. Even ancient Christians observed this fast, and its time frame and exact dates were established in 1166 at the Council of Constantinople.

  • In terms of rules, restrictions and strictness, the Uspensky fast is equal to the Great Fast. At this time, it is recommended to eat lean dishes in moderation, which do not include meat, dairy products, eggs and fish.

Assumption fast (beginning)
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