All-Ukrainian law week

In Ukraine, since 2008, the week that includes December 10, Human Rights Day, is officially considered the week of rights. It was on this day that the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The purpose of the holiday is to increase the level of education of citizens in their rights and to foster respect for the rights of other citizens.

For this, large-scale events are planned in advance, in which employees of government bodies, legal institutions, educational institutions, and the public sector will conduct explanatory work.

Excursions for children of different ages are held in some executive authorities. Also, in secondary education institutions, lectures are given on measures that students can take to prevent bullying and discrimination on any grounds.

Similar lectures and discussions on the protection of human rights are held in penal institutions, military units, among participants in anti-terrorist operations and internally displaced persons.

All-Ukrainian law week


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