Аday when people are encouraged to forget about the prejudices and misconceptions and show an open heartand mind towards all other religions does exist. Alas, it’s not so popular and it has to be fixed.

When is World Religion Day in 2020? Let’s find it out.


The holiday was invented by the religious group called the Bahai. This is not one of those recent units that spring up across the world as a mean to stand out against the others. The origin of the Bahai dates back to the middle of the 19th century when a young Persian merchant announced the advent of the new Messiah. The man got the name that was translated from the Persian as the “gates” as he was a sort of the precursor of the Prophet.No matter his persuasions that he wasn’t the Prophet himself – and was just a messenger – he soon obtained some followers and, of course, the enemies.

The first one who was against the new religion was Islamic clergy. After the short period of hesitation, all followers of the new religious movement were called the heretics. They experienced the cruel persecutions and executions. Around twenty-five thousands of the adherents were killed including the man himself. Those who were lucky to avoid the death penalty were thrown into the cells or deported.

Religion Day

One of the very first followers of the messenger while being in the Ottoman Empire announced that he got the new revelation. He took the name Bahaullah that meant the “glory of God” and wrote many opuses in which he defined the basics of the new teaching. After his death at the end of the 19th century, according to his will, his son continued the mission. By this time, the teaching spread on to the wide territories of the world and counted thousands of the followers.

Today, the Bahai phenomenon still lives and flourishes. In fact, the temples of that group are believed to be the most beautiful ones. There are only seven of them but each is a real masterpiece. The most famous are the Bahai’s buildings in Israel and India.

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The holiday was created in 1950 as the way to unite people in the face of the single God who watches over us and direct us for the better future. Started as the local observance in the United States, nowadays, the holiday is widely known on the planet. When is World Religion Day 2020? The date is not fixed to the certain day in the calendar – it changes annually.


What does Religion Day mean? It means listening to the others around; to those whose beliefs seem foreign to you.

In a lot of ways, the history of the human’s civilization and culture is equal to the history of the religion. The sense of the common belief is one of the biggest factors that integrate the people. That’s why the most important idea that underlies the holiday is the religion being the reason for the unity. There are thousands of the various religious traditions and beliefs. Among them, there are three biggest ones – Christianity, Islam, and Judaism that have billions of the followers under the sun, in the different parts of the earth. Buddhism, Hinduism, andMazdaismareprominent, too. Although all religions have the long history of their development and growth, there are still some groups that are little-studied – those of the small tribes and aborigines of the furthest corners of our planet.

The future of the humanity heavily depends on the values and the organization of the society which are influenced by the religious traditions as they not only prescribe the certain set of the ethic norms but also closely connected with the daily life of the people. It should be noted that in the different countries there are the different relationships between the religion and the government. For example, in Europe, the temporal character of the community’s life dominates over the religious one. In Russia, the religious confessions are regulated by the principle of the separation of the government from the church.

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Regardless of what day National Religion Day in 2020 falls on, remember the importance of this phenomenon.

Of course, all religions are different but at the same time, they are similar when it comes to the humans’ values. For the multinational countries, the issues of the respect, education, and tolerance are in the first positions. The dialogue between the movements and groups should be held rationally and reasonably. But we can’t forget that there are also the banned religious organizations and integrations, the activity of which is of the terroristic and extremist character. For some people, the other teaching becomes the main enemy that is ought to be destroyed. That’s why on the day of the holiday, a lot of the countries stage the various events – the concerts, seminars, talks, performances, exhibitions – that ate dedicated to the problems of establishing peace and tolerance all across the world. Usually, the members of the many religious groups participate in the observance.

The world of the religion is considered to be the achievement of the mankind and deserves the close attention and protection. The tolerance is the ideal basement for preserving the world today and in the future. The biggest task at the moment is to stand against the abuse of the religion and its drawing into the extremist movement. But at the same time, we should create the conditions for its constructive potential in all areas of the human’s life.

What is the date of International Religion Day 2020? It will take place on January 18.



The Bahai teaching is an attempt to unite the followers of the main world religion under the belief in the single God. God is one for all people yet is present in the different religions under the different names. Also, they claim that there are the balance and unity of the religious stuff and the science. The dominance of the first entails the superstitions while the dominance of the latter causes the materialism. The Bahai teaching is created as the integrated belief, not for the nationalities or countries but for the mankind in the whole. Itwantstobethefirsttrulyworldreligion. That’s why the temples of the Bahai are located in every part of the planet.

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The founder of the teaching even planned to build a sort of the worldwide federation that would erase the boundaries between the governments together with the religious ones. The followers condemn any prejudices that separate people and don’t let them feel the unity with the brothers and sisters.

The religion is first about the belief. The belief in something superstitious, incomprehensible, impossible. It is a belief in Gods that rule our lives and are the active participants or watchers of what is happened on the earth. It is the eternal paradox that still lives on in our life. Without the belief, the man is like without the inner core. The ancient people settled in the caves; they hadn’t enough food but still threw the meat of the animals into the fire to make the sacrifice to the gods. The Indians killed thousands of the people and treat their corpses cruelly to cajole some higher creature. The Greeks and Romans didn’t spare the best wine to persuade the Dionysus to bestow them with the grape. And it’s not s stupidity, it is a beautiful phenomenon. It is a pure altruism that created the special moral and direction in the life which we follow since then.


The best way to celebrate the date would be to make a visit to your local temple which is foreign to you in terms of the religion and listen to the speakers that might perform on that day.

World Religion Day Facts

  • The holiday is known in the US, Europe and some countries of Africa and Latin America.

Mark in the calendar, when is National Religion Day in 2020, and spend the day in the dialogue with the people around!


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