A day without shopping

Every year on November 27, the world celebrates a special holiday – the Day Without Shopping, which was founded in 1992 by a Canadian advertising specialist – Ted Davey. And after 5 years, realizing the importance of this event, the whole world joined its celebration. So, for example, in the USA it coincides with “Black Friday”, and in Europe it is the first Saturday after the “global” sale.

Today, experts in various fields are concerned about the fact that the modern clothing industry has a serious negative impact on the environment, especially the excessive use of minerals and environmental pollution.

Every year, the production of textile products is growing rapidly, and consumers, in turn, under the influence of advertising and marketing activities, began to buy clothes much more often and in larger quantities, compared to previous years, at the same time, the period of their use is significantly reduced. According to the results of recent studies, logistics companies produce less carbon dioxide than the fashion industry.

  • Unlike Black Friday, this day has become a kind of protest against the imposition of excessive consumption of products and goods on society by marketing and advertising.

Also, the Day without shopping has a special purpose – to draw the attention of humanity to the fact that in addition to material goods in life, there are more important things.

That is why on this day the participants of the action are trying to draw society’s attention to the problem of excessive consumer demand. On this day, it is customary to hold theatrical performances, demonstrations, and watch anti-advertising videos. All this is designed to teach society to make purchases more consciously and to start rationally using natural resources.

A day without shopping
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