Every person gains his own uniqueness by a fact of his birth. There is no need to prove the importance of everybody. A fact of birth gives a child the chance for being accepted by the community. Nevertheless, many cultures have different problems which are connected with poor people or the living of different races, sexes and sexual preferences. The importance of solving the problem of non-acceptance of different people, with unusual vision and preferences is obvious so that a special date was initiated some years ago. When is National Wear Purple Day in 2024?


The launching of this observance happened in 2010. There was a need to attract the societyโ€™s attention to the problems of people who live the life which is unacceptable in the usual sense. These individuals suffer from humiliation, indignities and contempt. They face various problems which they have to solve themselves, without any help. The need to support such people reflected in the observance started in 2010. The first event took place in Australia. People observed the event in September or October at first. later it was decided to hold the day annually in August on the last Friday.

The founders of the observance were two young people, S.Williams and K.Hudson. The young girl studied in a high school. The young man was a student of university. The start of the observance was connected with a suicide. The young man T.Clementi was a homosexual. He was a student who jumped from the George Washington Bridge because of betrayal. His roommates recorded his kiss with another man on a video camera and posted the video in Twitter. Clementi became a taunt. In a few days he committed a suicide.

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That incident and four others raised many street protests. The reason of the trouble was announced to be a bullying for teenagersโ€™ homosexuality. The Clementiโ€™s university even initialized a โ€œBlack Fridayโ€ in order to commemorate the young student and to protest the societyโ€™s behavior.

Since then students got a chance to choose their roommates. Rutgers University also provided a program which taught young people be tolerant and friendly. It helped homosexual students feel themselves more defended from bullying. Those measures led to the relief of the situation with the lack of tolerance.

The new campaign was decided to be held with different themes each year. The first event concerned dress code. Some years later young people were engaged not to use โ€œgayโ€ in talking about homosexuals as it can be valued as bullying. The observation of the last year was devoted to the celebration and the theme was appropriate. If you want to get more information about the observance, ask the internet community what day Wear Purple Day is.


What does Wear Purple Day mean for homosexuals or heterosexuals? This occasion can be a great chance for many people to understand the importance of a person as an individual despite his or her sexual preferences and likes. Itโ€™s a day when you can get acquainted with a homosexual and communicate with a person. Thereโ€™re many talented people of the world which live according to their own rules, without following common rules. They donโ€™t interfere in other peopleโ€™s lives and need respect and tolerant attitude.

The number of people with different sexual preferences is so great that they have already become a real โ€œDiasporaโ€. They are to be heard. Governments also canโ€™t avoid their problems and fears. Ignorance is a real trouble for many religions and communities. It has also become a strong problem which leads to suicides and murders.

Besides, itโ€™s the day when homosexuals explain the importance of educative programs. A start of such program should be set at schools or colleges. Tolerance can be a constant part of sex education. Thereโ€™s no need to explain the definition of the homosexuality without explaining the importance of the personality and individuality.

The observance has got such great value that more countries join the occasion each year. The exceptions are the countries where homosexuality is strictly forbidden by local laws and religious rules and such people are seriously punished without any pity.

When is International Wear Purple Day 2024? The event is set on August, 26.


People have been using the term โ€œhomosexualityโ€ for many centuries. It is an international term which means the attraction between two men or women. People of the same gender can feel sexual will to a person of the same gender. It is a part of a number of unusual sexual behaviors along with bisexuality comparing with heterosexuality.

The origin of such nature canโ€™t be exactly defined by scientists. They donโ€™t give any explanation why a person can become a homosexual. Some psychologists insist on a psychological nature of such psychological behavior. Nevertheless, the problem can be caused by the complex of factors, such as an environment, hormonal disorder and genetic reason.

The term has got some synonyms taking into account a gender. A man that feels attraction to other men is usually called a gay. A woman can be named as a lesbian if she feels sexual attraction to women.

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The word appeared as a hybrid of a Latin and Greek variant. The use of the term started in the 19th century. It was used in a novel which was written in the opposition to the homophobe law. This term is more accepted by the laws and communities than โ€œgaysโ€ and โ€œlesbiansโ€. Nowadays it is used in order not to show a negative attitude to the problem. What is the date of Wear Purple Day?


The day has gained a great popularity among many countries and nations. The first coming-out seems to be a very difficult procedure. It is a need to have a strong individuality despite common humiliation. Nevertheless, the life can become very simple when everybody knows about your sexual preferences. Many homosexuals use the observance for their first comings out. They tell their parents, friends, neighbors and colleagues about their sexual orientation. They take part in a great walk or parade with other homosexuals without any fear of being punished or hurt by radicals. Police always complain and defend the participants of such parades.

The date is a chance to give support to people that have braveness to say that theyโ€™re rainbow people. The occasion is always planned by the appropriate organizations. Local authorities prefer to make parades and massive coming-outs convenient that solve problems with massive fights, so these events are usually safe. Besides, the event is usually costumed and interesting for ordinary spectators. They usually gather thousands of watchers which are attracted by the staginess of parades. Follow the calendar of the observance: โ€œWhen is Wear Purple Day in 2024, calendar of paradesโ€. The event is on August, 26.

National Wear Purple Day Facts

  • Sexuality isnโ€™t the same as gender identity. A person can clearly understand his or her gender identity but have a sexual attraction to the person of the same gender.
  • Itโ€™s not considered as a mental disorder.
  • The cause of homosexuality isnโ€™t exactly known.


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