When is National Anzac Day in 2020? If you are not the citizen of Australia or New Zealand, you wonโ€™t probably answer this question correctly. Moreover, we are almost sure that being the representatives of other countries, you have never heard about this holiday existence in the modern calendar. To clarify the situation today we want to introduce you the whole article, devoted to this event.


The matter what day Anzac Day in 2020 is, isn’t as easy and clear as it may seem at first sight. In order to understand the aim of this holiday properly, the followers have to know the historical background of this event. Well, from the very beginning we would like to underline that the described occasion is held not worldwide, but just in some regions, represented by two states: New Zealand and Australia.

It happened during World War I, to be exact, more than 100 years ago, in 1915. Just on April 25 Entente forces, included the armies of Great Britain, India, Australia, France, New Zealand and Newfoundlander, began their landing process on the territories, belonging to Gallipoli peninsula, which is in Turkey. After long and very severe battles, the exhausted landing forces could not fight properly from the captured bridgeheads and were evacuated by the end of the same year. However, even in the course of this unsuccessful operation, called the Dardanelles, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, abbreviated like ANZAC were particularly distinguished.

Anzac Day

As you perhaps understand this special occasion began to be officially celebrated a relatively long time ago. In Australia it happened in 1916. in New Zealand four years later, in 1920. At the very beginning it was nothing but the regularly anniversary of memory of those brave locals of Australia and strong residents of New Zealand who died at the battles in World War I. In the course of time, just after World War II, the representatives of these countries started to honor their citizens. However, they decided to commemorate this anniversary the soldiers and military people in general who died in every war and each existed military conflict, in which these countries have taken part. By tradition, on this day, church services, military parades, meetings of veterans are organized everywhere.

As a result of broad anti-war sentiment, in 1973, during the annual national conference, organized by the Australian Labor Party, the possibility of canceling ANZAC Anniversary and introducing Anniversary of Peace instead of it was considered, but this remained a draft.


What does Anzac Day mean? โ€“ To tell you the truth, we are almost sure that the most part of our followers are not going to celebrate this holiday. Why are we so sure about it? โ€“ Well, you see this holiday is not very popular all around the planet. It is not usually celebrated in the USA and in Europe, being famous only in the distant Australia and New Zealand.ย 

As a rule, this day numerous international tourists visit Gallipoli this day annually. And they become very surprised to note the numerous memorable events, which are also held actively. By the way, it is necessary to mention that only on April 25 it is allowed to play the national game with a toss-up coin. Why? – The explanation is quite simple in fact. – The soldiers of World War I were fond of it a lot.


In the process of the investigation we understood such question as โ€œWhen is International Anzac Day 2020?โ€ needs additional clarifications and explanations, as not everybody knows about the holiday as well as about the manner of its proper celebration.

As it has been already mentioned above ANZAC Anniversary is celebrated mainly in New Zealand and Australia.

However, the typical attitude towards this holiday is quite different in various countries. There are some people, who are sure that this day is quite unimportant, as there were no any serious victories during that period. Moreover, there are some public associations, which criticize this holiday as a tool for imposing militaristic ideology and participation in imperialist wars on the side of the metropolis.

Since the moment of its establishment the holiday has undergone many changes. But this day always remains an important holiday in New Zealand, with the traditional service at dawn and the laying on of flowers. Until 1920, the status of ANZAC Day remained very uncertain, because the day of commemoration of the dead soldiers was not officially established. In 1920, the government supported a public request for an official holiday on April 25. The law came into force in 1921.

Also we canโ€™t but mention that in addition to Australia and New Zealand, various ceremonies on this day are held in some cities in the UK, Canada, Israel, Turkey, France, Egypt, Tonga, Samoa, Nauru, the Solomon Islands and other places.


When is Anzac Day in 2020, calendar is always ready to remind you. However, you should remember that this holiday is not held worldwide, so if you are not living in Australia or New Zealand, you will probably be the only person, who wants to be involved.

Up to the present moment there have been a lot of traditions, devoted to this special occasion. The most typical one is a so-called โ€œfire breakfastโ€, which is usually represented by coffee with rum and is offered after the morning services. Another rule is to organize the marches of veterans of past wars and today’s soldiers. These events are held in all cities of the country without any exception. In Australia almost all settlements have their own characters, which have to be congratulated. Parade from each state capital is broadcast live with comments. The tradition of meeting veterans of various wars with schoolchildren, local officials, friends and colleagues has remained unchanged for many years.

On this day in Melbourne a special football match usually takes place. For just 10 years of existence it has turned to be the biggest game of the Australian Football League, not counting the national championship final. Tickets for the April match are bought immediately, and the game itself gathers up to one hundred thousand spectators every year.

Anzac memorial desk

National Anzac Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of Anzac Day in 2020?โ€ we came to the conclusion that our readers need the representation of some additional pieces of information.

In the countries mentioned above ANZAC is considered to be a state military unit, which is formed especially to participate in the First World War. Initially it actively participated in the battles in Egypt as well as in Gallipoli. The first commander’s name was William Bidwood. At the beginning of 1916, the unit was disbanded, and instead of it the 1st and 2nd Corps were created.

The crops formation started in November 1914. The establisher planned to send the units to the Western Front, however, the British military command changed plans. In accordance with the special decision, the ANZAC parts were sent to Egypt. The commander William Bidwood together with the headquarters came to Cairo on December 21, 1914. A new military unit was named like “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.”

Initially, the corps were involved into the 1st Australian Division, the Infantry Brigade (New Zealand) and two separate brigades. In addition to those units Indian, Ceylon and English units were involved later. Together with soldiers, volunteer nurses also went to the war.

After the evacuation of Gallipoli, ANZAC was disbanded. Instead, it became the parts of separate troops belonging to Australia and New Zealand. These new military units were sent to the west to fight against the German troops.

They participated in an attempt to suppress the Egyptian revolution and in the intervention in Russia.


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