Ill people need care and concern while having a treatment in hospital. One of the most significant medical workers is a nurse. They are persons who provide necessary care and gives needed medicine. These persons usually stay unnoticed. Doctor gets the main attention and gratitude from their patients. And nurses aren’t thought to be very important. That’s why it was decided to initiate a certain observance which would include several events in order to attract people’s attention to this hard profession. When is National Emergency Nurses Day in 2022?


The day is recognized as an international occasion, though this day nurses work. They don’t have a day-off. There are two different events devoted to these professionals, in May and October. The variant which concerns nurses is held in October. It was especially provided due to the help of the Emergency Nurses Association. That situation took place in 1989. It is a national holiday of Australia.

The day was sponsored by this association and due to its good promotion got its international value. Its main goal from the beginning was to honour hard work and activity of every nurse who is in the medical staff.

Emergency Nurses Day

The event was initiated to honour not only Australian nurses but also those people who work throughout the world. All those professionals dedicate their intensions to every patient who needs emergent help.

Since those times the occasion is spread into the whole week. It is usually held during the nearest days in October. Various festivals and events were proposed to be held during this period. Every country and even establishment provides its own schedule for the day and week. It is possible to find a certain event through the question “What Emergency Nurses Day in 2022?”


What does Emergency Nurses Day mean for these professionals? There aren’t usually recognized by patients. They usually feel gratitude to doctors. Speaking about this medical service, people even don’t remember the people who provide the most important actions during the first minutes. Due to this staff it is possible to save lives of the patients later on.

Sometimes life of any person depends on the treatment which is provided during the first hour. Emergent treatment often helps to prevent complications that may be caused by the delay in treatment.

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The first actions are provided by medical staff of emergency. They always try to do their best to save a patient. Their professionalism isn’t less obvious than the same quality of the staff in a hospital. They are to have knowledge in many medical branches.

This staff is to have communicative skills as they are to speak with patients and their relatives who are very nervous in many cases. Nurses are to stay serious and calm despite all troubles. They are to be ready to work without stop until the medical car comes to hospital. Then a patient gets the following treatment in a hospital. After that emergency professionals continue their work with other patients who need their help. Such a devoted work needs recognition. So, this is the exact day when it’s possible to give thanks to these persons. When is International Emergency Nurses Day 2022? The day is usually held on the 2nd Wednesday in October. Thus, it will be held on the 14th of October.


The day itself is a very understandable for many people, though the majority does not understand what obligations a nurse has. The list of activities which are obligatory for this professional is very wide. It may vary according to the national demands.

Commonly accepted obligations are the following:

  • Investigation;
  • Diagnosing;
  • Treating;
  • Assessing injuries.
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Every professional nurse should be able to provide the treatment which is needed in a concrete case. They face the accident and have to deal with it without any help, without any support of the staff from a hospital.

These people are real professionals because they are treated at the specialized courses. They get special skills. It is a common case when this nurse also works in pre-hospital setting. So, they get a possibility of self-education and widening their skills.

These professionals must be ready to help a patient at his own home or in the street if necessary. They have got a great responsibility. So, it is very important to be a very stable and educated person. The concrete list of obligations can be got in every medical establishment.

It is obligatory to find good emergency nurses for work in Africa. Its countries don’t have many specialized establishments and need professional staff. The conditions of work are very complicated so the idea of getting special education isn’t very popular. What is the date of Emergency Nurses Day 2022? It’s on the 14th of October.

Emergency Nurses Day


The celebrations are held not only in Australia but also across the world. It is devoted to emergency nurses who dedicate their own lives to this hard and responsible work. Emergency staff needs recognition and must get it despite all difficulties and lack of time.

Every local ministry sets its own schedule for giving gratitude to these professionals. The official part of observance usually includes proclamations in cities and the whole state. Another way of giving gratitude is to provide special lectures and educational programs which help to provide the importance of the work.

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Traditional way of observing the event is to give presents and flowers to the staff. Additional payment is also used in many countries. People who are involved into this profession have their own traditions of spending the day. They usually make their own meetings. Some groups provide banquets and other merry parties.

If you have a relative who works as an emergency nurse, try to make something pleasant to him or her. It may be a simple visit or a small present. A small funny card is also a pleasant surprise. The fact of giving gratitude is very important for these professionals. “When is Emergency Nurses Day in 2022, calendar and schedule?” the concrete list of events may be got on the site of the ministry.

National Emergency Nurses Facts

Statistics has got lots of facts about these professionals:

  1. The United States educate many professionals for their medical staff. They have educated 4 million professionals. It is equal to the population of Los Angeles.
  2. There are also 100 thousand nurse practitioners. It is known that these professionals are the most prevalent in the whole medical US staff.
  3. It is one of the most trusted professions. They have gained the award of national honesty poll.
  4. The profession is highly rated. The percent of students is nowadays higher than it was several years ago. The growth is one of the most rapid in accordance to other professions.
  5. According to the statistics, an average emergency nurse is younger than he was several years ago.
  6. According to the general questioner, professionals agree to the fact that it is obligatory to raise the general skill in dealing with technical equipment.
  7. The professional week is celebrated several decades after the proclamation of President Nixon.


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